World Cup Weekend Mojo

World Cup Weekend knocked it out of the park. The weather was perfect—not too warm, not too cold, the mood was fun and the skiing was fantastic. It was good enough to counter my sports-mom stress levels of seeing my little ski jumper, Seth, through X-rays, ice and elevation after a bad fall during training the previous Tuesday night. (Spoiler alert, he was fine after a week or so of rest!) It was even good enough to counter the fact that the boys couldn’t come with us to watch any World Cup competitions, because there was no way to safely transport our child on crutches, up to the venue. His brother, who was offered the chance to go watch Moguls event with one parent, while the other stayed behind with the little guy—opted to hang at home out of solidarity. This made us feel proud, of course. And we wound up with an impromptu date night, with our friends Michael and Gia, on Thursday, the first night of competition.


We were, as always, in awe of the competitors, and stoked at the chance to rub elbows with the athletes and coaches in the VIP tent. We also hung out with friends from Youth Sports Alliance, who had, just moments earlier, received a $90,000 donation from Deer Valley, toward the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment. This is the organization that provides opportunities for young athletes of all levels to learn and improve in their sports, through great community effort. It was bittersweet, of course, in light of Stein’s recent passing, but I really can’t think of a more fitting symbol of his contributions to sport, and to our community, than this. Sweetly, the culinary crew served up one of his favorite desserts that night.

Friday night, we had to skip Aerials, for reasons that were even more emblematic of the incredible life in Park City: Seth had a competition with Park City Nordic Ski Club, which is his Nordic Ski Jumping team. Despite being sidelined with his knee injury, he didn’t want to miss the chance to cheer on his teammates. So, off we went.

Saturday night, we had friends visiting from Las Vegas, who soaked up every minute of the experience, marveling at how much fun you can have in the cold weather. (Not for nothing, but the food in the VIP tent that weekend was pretty amazing, too.)

Sunday, we wowed the crew with breakfast at Snow Park—waffles, oatmeal, eggs, and the amazing bottomless cups of coffee, and I reached out to my pal Lisa, to see if she wanted to join us on the slopes. “Sure,” she said. “And my friend Dave wants to meet up with us, too.” This friend turned out to be a member of the amazing grooming and snow making staff at Deer Valley, who was, it turned out, just coming off of a night’s work, and was interested in doing some “product testing.”

We had just a few hours before our guests had to head to the airport, and Dave helped us make the most of it, covering terrain from Northside to Lady Morgan, to Empire to Little Baldy. There’s nothing better than skiing with someone who knows the mountain grooming report of the top of his head—while soaking up some added Vitamin D, and awesome friendship vibes.



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