Wine Pairings at The Mariposa

This month we caught up with Clint Strohl, Resort Restaurant Operations Manager, to get the insider tips into pairing wines with some of the favorite menu items from The Mariposa.

Warm Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Tart:

The caramelized onions and the muscat reduction add subtle layers of sweetness to this dish which can be complemented by an initially sweeting tasting but dry finishing light white wine. We are currently serving Domaine Weinbach ,Reserve Personelle, Gewurztraminer, Alsace France 2009

Tomatillo Crusted Sturgeon Fillet:

With nearly a pyramid of flavor profiles contained in this dish a paired wine must not cover or clash with any of them. Sauces of roasted red pepper and black bean add earth and mild spice to the sturgeon. Add in the crisp green freshness of frisee, a layer of sweetness from the local sweet corn and a touch of acid from the heirloom tomatoes. Considering these many flavors over time we have learned that Pinot Grigio from northern Italy is at once no heavier in weight than the dish and at the same provides a wine with equally deep flavors and intensity. We are currenly serving Livio Felluga, Pinot Grigio, Fruli, 2010

Wild Mushroom Beggars Purse:

To the same degree that the above dish is a challenge to pair the beggars purse is a dream with touches of fat coming from the cheese and the purse itself.  This touch of fat is complimented with earthy richness of the mushrooms and hints of beaujolais fruit and acidity in the sauce. For some time we have enjoyed serving somewhat earthly light pinot noirs from Burgundy with this dish. Currently we are serving Vincent Girardin, Les Santenots, Volnay 2008

Bear Lake Lamb Chop:

Many of our guests know that indian spices and in this case masala are tough to impossible wine matches, (masala chicken and lamb are classic Indian preparations), However Clark keeps it all in balance with this lamb preparation. The lamb chops are seasoned lightly with masala while being seared. The lamb itself is tender and succulent. The pan sauce brings additional richness to the dish. The pan roasted cherry tomato and its richness allow us to serve a slightly bigger wine than might be expected. We are currently serving Shafer Vineyards, “Relentless” Napa 2007. “Relentless” is a Syrah, Petit-Sirah blend.

The various desserts:

We are currently serving a Pedro Ximenez Sherry produced by Alvear of Andalucia Spain. It is their Solera 1927. The taste of this wine quite complex with dark caramel, maple syrup, dates, prunes, and hints of coffee and dark chocolate. It is an exquisite and warming sweet wine that goes great with nearly all of Letty and Steve’s dessert

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