Wide West

I’ve gabbed plenty here about my love for Wide West. It’s kind of strange, I know. Experienced skiers have no business getting such joy out of the bunny hill. We’re not supposed to want to mingle with the Never Evers, and our kids pine for the day that they can ski the big trails. However—as I mentioned at the end of last year, a day on Wide West spared me a likely injury, when I was unwittingly skiing with a broken binding. But that’s not the real reason I love the trail.

Some of my favorite memories, skiing with my kids, have been formed on that hill. The length and pitch provides just enough challenge for the newbies, and enough obstacles to keep them entertained while building their confidence. My secret weapon on Wide West, however, has always been the SunKid Conveyor Lift. The SunKid Conveyor is, for the littlest skiers, a wonderful tool—because it allows for multiple runs in a controlled setting. Kids can make about 6-10 turns, feel a sense of accomplishment and then get the chance to do it all over again. For both my boys, I found that multiple laps on the magic carpet proved one of their best learning tools, since a single run on the main, chairlift-served section of Wide West can wear them out for the day.

And, even as they continue to improve, laps on the conveyor lift can be a fun departure from the regular trails, as well as a safe place to build new skills, like “French fry” turns. So I was thrilled to learn that Deer Valley Resort management decided to add additional  SunKid conveyor lifts for the 2011-12 season— with the additional conveyor lifts, the base of Snowflake( the beginner chair lift was moved uphill 300 feet)  the aim is to eliminate the need to hike up to it while carrying a toddler, or pole-towing a preschooler. The three SunKid Conveyor lifts will start at the base at Snow Park Lodge amd carry beginners to as far as the base of Snowflake.

Which means…more runs. It also makes taking the all-important cookie breaks a little easier, since you don’t have to ski down carrying said toddler (and then hike back up again). I know, I sound impossibly lazy—but anyone who has ever executed this feat knows exactly why I’m whining. Moreover, a non-skiing fan of the little one can more readily visit the SunKid Conveyor Lift corral.

I’ll see you on the snow!

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  1. Greg says:

    It appears as though Christmas has come early for both parents of toddlers and the fawn instructors!

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