Wednesday Night Concert: a Blanket, a Picnic, and a Granddaughter

With our granddaughter visiting, we were on the go every minute. Each day was booked with activities such as trips to the zoo, hiking, and swimming. Even with action packed days, we couldn’t help but want to go to the Wednesday Night Concert Series at Deer Valley Resort presented by Mountain Town Music.

The only problem was that particular Wednesday was extremely busy. That morning, we had tickets to the Mount Timpanogus Cave Tour that we’d had to book weeks in advance (since they only take 18 people at a time in the cave.)  The cave itself was about an hour’s drive from our house, and the tour itself took some time.

The hike and cave experience took about three hours and it started with a rigorous mile-and-a-half hike with a 1092 ft. elevation (read: very steep especially for a six year old), a cave tour and the hike back down. Don’t forget the picnic and drive home!  It was a long day.


(By the way, it’s well worth it if you have the legs to make the hike and the flexibility to duck low to avoid the stalactites in the cave.)

For a six-year old and her grandparents, adding an evening concert packed a lot into one day.  I feared it would be too much and a meltdown would ensue.

But 15-year-old singing sensation, Sophia Dion and her band were playing!  We really wanted to see her. So we decided to go for it and attend the concert, too.

How did we do all this in one day, have an amazing time and stay sane?  


We ordered Deer Valley Gourmet Picnic Bags for the concert! 

Instead of packing a picnic and lugging it with us, all we had to do was pick it up right there at the concert. What a relief to have them waiting for us when we arrived!


They included:

Curry Chicken and Veggie wraps

Caesar salads

Sweet Potato chips

and Caramel Popcorn

Her “kid sized” picnic bag had:

Turkey and cheese and PB&J mini wraps (that were fun to eat)

Fruit salad featuring watermelon

Sweet Potato chips

A kid sized portion of caramel popcorn

We added a Deer Valley Snickerdoodle cookie at her request.

We didn’t have to worry about a thing. There were utensils, plates, napkins and lots and lots of goodies to eat. We even kept the bags to use for lunches.

Here are a few other things we did to make our evening fabulous and you can, too.


It’s fun for kids to watch the band through binoculars even if you are close enough to see them.


A game to play.

Kids have a short attention span so we brought a card game and played it at intermission.


Dance like nobody’s watching.

Kid’s love to dance and what better time to let out your own inner child.  Sport a few moves with your grandchildren and see the look of delight on their faces.


Twirl the kids around.

Kids love to twirl upside down. If they are still small enough to pick up and you are still strong enough to lift them up (without injury to either party and after checking for the space required), give a kid a whirl or two.


Lastly, stay a while and savor the evening before packing up and heading to the car.

Summer evenings at the Deer Valley amphitheater, with live music, a blanket, a picnic, and the people you love are so special.  Pack those days chock full when you are together with your family if you can.

These are memories your kids and grandkids will talk about for many years to come.

5 Responses

  1. Darhl Bova says:

    Love this. Nice to get some great ideas for when our grandkids visit. Nothing like making memories that will last a life time! Thanks for sharing Nancy and by the way who takes all of your photos???

  2. Summer says:

    I looks like a great night full of fun and wonderful memories!!! So special!!!

  3. Deer Valley says:

    Nancy takes most of her own photos.

  4. Nancy says:

    Darhl – we had such a great time at the concert. A friend helped me with the dancing photos!!

  5. Nancy says:


    Especially with little ones, we need to create those soecial moments. The Deer Valley chocolate chip cookies help 🙂


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