Upping My Mad Skill Set

Last Sunday was my first full no-holds-barred ski day in ages. Last year was mostly a sideline year for me—if I got out, it was for a run or two. I rationalized that I hadn’t the time for more runs, but if the truth be told, I was still recovering from a crazy illness and its attendant surgery, and I really did not have the energy for more. I let myself believe that time was the constraint because that was convenient.

I know that the only real way to get in ski shape is, well, to ski. But I’m taking a page from the book of my many pals who are competitive skiers – dry land training. Even if you don’t have easy access to a ski hill, finding yourself a good dry land routine can increase your overall endurance and strength. I reason that by whipping myself into general good health and fitness should make my ski muscles easier to hone.

And whether I get out for half a day or three runs, I’m committing to making them count. No slacking. If I’m on terrain that doesn’t challenge my ability, then I’ll be drilling myself with carving practice.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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