My Deer Valley ski season is officially over. I did sneak over to Snowbird on Monday for a ski day with the kids and we will probably close PCMR this weekend. Then the season is really done for me and the family.

Even though I had a great season, I am looking forward to getting into some new activities. Especially, to get back in shape for the next season if you can believe it. I need to make up for all the entertaining! I am not complaining, but between fondue, turkey chili, raclette and desserts – skiing just isn’t enough exercise.

So as we move into spring, I’ll get my road bike out. The biking is great in this area. My favorite ride is what I call mini- Alp Deux, which is Royal Street up to Silver Lake Village. Then if I’m really feeling good I’ll continue towards the Montage to the top of Empire pass. This is a kicker! Of course this won’t be my first ride of the season.  I’ll ride the flats for a while to get my base.  Deer Valley also has great mountain bike trails. I enjoy biking through Deer Valley then stopping for lunch on the deck at Royal Street. However, I don’t mountain bike as much anymore because I did so much of it when I was on the ski team. Time for new sports.

My second favorite summer activity is to play golf. I said I would never play the “boring” game.  If I don’t get at least 9 holes in I begin to shake. Maybe it’s the competitive side or just simply something I’m not good at and need to focus and think about what I’m doing. I never realized what is involved in the game of golf.  I also enjoy it because I don’t need to be good. I hit a bad shot it’s a bad shot, Oh well. Although… if I make a bad turn in skiing then I’m very critical of myself. I guess I have to be!

Some other activities are going to the pool, playing golf with my boys, BBQ with friends and traveling back East to visit family. I have started a tradition for the boys that we begin our summer trip to Waitsfield, VT. My sister lives there and the kids start out the trip by going to Elite Camp with Doug Lewis. This is an overnight camp on the Green Mountain Valley School Campus. Doug has the kids for three days and puts them through a training camp similar to what we did on the USST. Of course it’s on a much smaller scale and full of fun. We then head to the Cape to visit our close friends,  play on the beach and enjoy the eastern humidity. After about a week we then meet up with my husband and go to his family summer place in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River.  Boating, jumping off the boat house, fishing, island living and grandparent time wraps-up the summer.

As you can tell the summer races by too for us. I’ll be blogging in the fall before I know it saying “I can’t believe the winter is upon us!” Until then enjoy the outdoors and the mountains we live in.


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