Trail Running at Deer Valley Resort

I am a summer kid. Literally and figuratively. I am drawn to the warmer days, even in the winter. They make me happy. And that isn’t just because my name is Summer. I live in Park City because of the summertime. It is my absolute favorite time of year here and I am not alone.

Deer Valley is known for and celebrated for it’s amazing skiing but the summer, fall and spring have so much to offer. That is why I hit the trails with my girlfriend Kate, to show you first hand how awesome a day on the trails can be for you mind, body and soul.


We started out on Finn’s trail, which is right at the base of St. Regis and the funicular. We parked in the Deer Valley Snow Park parking lot and walked up to the trail head. Somehow we timed it just perfectly so that I go the perfect under-view of the funicular itself (love that thing!).


We like to push ourselves on these trails and run. We take breaks quite often so I can catch my breath and take in the breathtaking views. But, you can walk and hike however you would like. The signs are posted often all the way up. We followed the Deer Crest signs, but you can catch Mid-Mountain and a few others along the way.


The terrain varied along our seven mile run. We hit some pretty narrow stretches but for the most part each new type of terrain made it more interesting. There were times when I felt like I was back in Tahoe.


The path was padded a bit more with dirt and pine needles. There were times when it was so steep and rocky, I had to take it real, real slow. And there were times when I had get in my tuck (near some of my favorite ski runs) and jump for joy cause I had made it to “the top.”


We took a break at the Silver Lake Lodge. The great thing is, you can hang up there for a bit knowing you had just climbed 1,000 feet over four miles and then take the chairlift down free of charge. Or, you can adventure again and run it down from many different directions.


We decided to try out the newly extended Mid-Mountain trail back to the Snow Park area. It’s important to know that you will not be alone on the Mid-Mountain trail. There are mountain bikers that share the trail with you. Communicating with them is key. Generally you as a runner will be faster than a biker on the way up the hill.


Feel free and talk on the trails, be loud. You are also sharing this space with tons of wildlife and it is never good to sneak up on deer or moose. Loud voices let them know you are coming so they can skedaddle before you get there. Don’t mess with the wildlife.


Seven miles later, we made our way onto some pavement and back down to the other side of the Snow Park Parking lot. It took us about 1 hour and 10 mins to finish our adventure, and that included all of our stops to take pictures and soak up the scenery. Make sure and allow plenty of time so that you do not stress in case you make a wrong turn.


These trail runs stick with you for awhile. My friend Kate and I felt like we had used every muscle in our legs and it’s true. The up and down of the hills and the varying terrain gives you the full leg workout which a is a great addition to anything you are doing in the gym or on the road. Plus, getting outside is simply GOOD FOR THE SOUL!

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  1. Ingrid Cordell says:

    There is a hike on the top of Deer Valley with Crest in the name. It is only open to hikers on certain days and bikers the other. Does anyone know anything about it. I read about it a couple of years ago and am returning in July. On my bucket list.

  2. Deer Valley says:

    Hey Ingrid,

    Deer Crest is a multi-use trail, both hiking, and biking, uphill and downhill, there are no day restrictions. Silver Lake, Ontario and Red Cloud are our only hiking only trails. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

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