Torchlight is for Sharing

I’m still warm from the memory of the Torchlight Parade. Which is funny, considering it’s a stand-outside-in-winter-temps activity.

Still, it doesn’t matter how many times we go; the experience of closing out the year by braving the cold to take in the lights and torches on the hill and the incredible gift of the formation skiing by the Synchronized Ski Team, are experiences I cherish. It’s made all the better by sharing it with family and friends.

This year my dad was visiting, and so we all went to Snow Park Restaurant for dinner first. The kids high-tailed it out to the plaza to score some hot cider, only to find out that there was cocoa—big win!

IMG_0672My dad caught on, quickly, to the “dance to stay warm” plan. (It’s *possible* he has read a previous post of two about this event.)

IMG_0671Seth enjoyed some hang time with a good buddy.

And then it was time to take in the sights.
Can’t wait until next year!

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