Three Ways to Enjoy the Deer Valley Bike Park

How do you like your bike park? Whether you’re a hardcore rider seeking to tackle challenging terrain or an aspiring mountain biker looking for an introduction to some new thrills, Deer Valley Bike Park has something for everyone.

Two mountain bikers in Park City, Utah at Deer Valley Resort

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Introductory Mountain Bike Tasting Menu:

Maybe you’re a road biker who’s knobby-tire curious. Maybe you’ve frequented Deer Valley’s immaculately-groomed slopes in the winter and need an outlet to keep the adrenaline flowing during the warmer months. Either way, you’re ready to dip your toes into mountain biking, and the Deer Valley Bike Park is the perfect introduction.

Mountain Bike coach giving two bikers instruction with mountains in the background

You’re going to need fuel for the trails, so start your day with breakfast from the Glitretind Restaurant at Stein Eriksen Lodge. Enjoy a Norwegian Potato and Bacon Pancake on the deck overlooking the Bald Mountain trails you’ll soon tackle.

Accelerate your learning curve by booking a lesson with the Deer Valley Mountain Bike School. Even if instruction sounds excessive—it’s just like riding a bike, after all—Deer Valley’s coaches can help fine-tune the foundational skills to help you progress safely and enjoy more of what the mountain has to offer.

Two Mountain Bikers riding Holy Roller at Deer Valley Resort

Soak in the scenery riding up Sterling Express chairlift before dropping in on the flowing rhythm sections and berms of Holy Roller. After mastering the basics, turn it up a notch by diving down Naildriver’s high-speed straightaways and twisting, hand-built single track on Deer Crest.

When it’s time to recharge, post up on the deck at Royal Street Café for some Ahi Tuna Tacos while watching expert riders soar off jumps at the bottom of Tidal Wave. Fatigued and sore from a long day on the bike? Schedule a relaxing massage at the Montage Spa to recharge and do it all again tomorrow.

Single Track Sampler Platter:

You’ve been around a switchback or two and know how to change a flat tire. You’ve been known to sneak in a shuttle lap here or there, but perhaps you haven’t enjoyed the luxuries of lift-assisted mountain biking. Get ready to log some vertical.

Mountain Biker riding Tidal Wave trail in Park City, Utah at Deer Valley

With great numbers of laps comes the need for great caloric intake. Hop in the St. Regis Deer Valley’s funicular and order the Herb Lamb Burger at the J&G Grill.

Embrace the opportunity to experience the decadent confidence that comes with riding a true downhill bike courtesy of Deer Valley’s rental program. Sure your 150-mm, do-it-all rig will get the job done, but downhill bikes float over bumps and calmly handle steep, chunky terrain, leaving you less fatigued and ready for more laps.

From the top of Bald Mountain, head straight into the sweeping berms and lofty tabletops on Tidal Wave. Roll through a wide-open meadow and back into aspen forests on dozens of perfectly manicured jumps all the way back to the chair. Add in a little old-school chunk by connecting to Twist & Shout after Tidal Wave’s upper section on your next lap.

Mountain Biker going off a jump

When you’re ready for some serious g-forces, hop on the Homestake Express chairlift and take on Undertow. Deer Valley’s newest flow trail features near-vertical berms that will help you reach lean angles on your bike normally reserved for World Cup Downhillers. Round out your afternoon with a few laps of classic tech on Devo and Old School.

Once you’ve had your fill of gravity for the day, swap stories of your two-wheeled exploits over chimichurri chips, avocado fries and a beverage at The Brass Tag.

All You Can Shred Buffet:

You worship at the Church of Dirt and you have a quiver of bikes, each of which costs more than your first car. You probably had a poster of Chris Kovarik or Missy Giove on your wall at some point. You’re here to shred.

Two mountain bikers in a berm

You’re going to need a decent meal to begin the day because, let’s be honest, you won’t be taking a break for lunch with all these trails on the menu. Stop in at Deer Valley Grocery~Café on your way to the resort base for locally-roasted coffee and a Southwestern Breakfast Wrap with green chili and guajillo salsa.

Get ready to get rowdy. Tsunami’s high-speed jumps and enormous berms—the advanced jump trail was immaculately crafted by Gravity Logic—will make you feel like Dirt Merchant and A-Line have been transported to the Wasatch Back. Then gear up for the rough stuff.

One Mountain Biker jump with lots of green trees around.

Rally through dyed-in-the-wool downhill terrain on Fire Swamp and Thieves Forest. Steep, rocky chutes and loose, off-camber corners will test your nerve and your brake pads. Pick your lines wisely down the infamous NCS downhill trail where Little Niagara, Whiskey Rock and the Barney Rubble rock garden challenged the best racers during the NORBA years

Finish it all off with an après session at the Silver Lake Snack Shack. A tallboy PBR and some nachos smothered in Deer Valley’s famous turkey chili are the perfect refreshments at the end of a day in the bike park. 

Side view of a mountain biker jumping off a jump

Originally written by Tony Gill for Deer Valley Resort.

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