That ‘I Got It’ Moment When Learning To Ski

I can’t really explain it properly. That moment when you learn to ski downhill, you just know it when you feel it.  


You certainly know when you don’t have it:

  • You feel awkward and unstable
  • You lean back when you should lean forward
  • Your skis cross and you can’t get them straight
  • You can turn on one side but not the other
  • Your instructor says one thing and your body does another  
  • You are exhausted after one run

Like riding a bike, once you know how, your mind and body remember and there is no going back.   All of the sudden you realize, “I get it now. I can ski!”


My “got it” experience happened during a Max-4 lesson a few years ago at Deer Valley Resort. The instructor skied behind me in lockstep, turn for turn. He called out queues so I could feel the rhythm. The coaching was comforting, like my Dad running right beside me as I learned to ride my bike, guiding me until I pedaled on by myself.

I forget the exact words my instructor called out. It was something like “stand” (up like you are making a free throw),  “plant” (my pole),  and “turn,” gently prompting me over and over again.


I’ll never forget the cadence though. Every single time I ski the bottom of the Ontario run, I remember that moment.

My husband Jay had a similar experience yesterday. He had a Max-4 lesson with a Deer Valley Ski Instructor, Doug from Encinitas, CA, who has been teaching skiing for 45 years.  

When Jay walked in the front door, I could see it in his eyes. He said, “I got it!” Maybe it was shifting his weight from ski to ski or relaxing while simply enjoying sliding around on the snow.

Whatever his moment was, that’s fantastic; I know the feeling.

What about you? When was your “I got this” ski moment?

For more information on ski lessons for adults and children at Deer Valley Resort, click here.

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