Taking Transit to Deer Valley

Deer Valley® strives to make your experience at the resort exceptional from the moment you arrive to the time you depart. We understand that the commute to and from the resort are also a vital part of a ski day and sitting in traffic does not make for a great beginning or end. Deer Valley encourages our staff and guests to carpool, or better yet, take the free Park City Transit system to the resort.

Snow Park at Deer Valley

We understand taking the bus in a new town can seem daunting, but the free transit system in Park City makes taking the bus to Deer Valley easy. Follow these tips to make your travels to the resort stress-free:

free transit system in Park City

Kimball Junction to Deer Valley:

Hop on the White Electric Bus, departing from the Kimball Junction Park and Ride lot every 10 minutes. Take the White Electric Bus to the Old Town Transit Center. From there, hop on any bus going to Deer Valley. Those buses include the Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange lines.

A Bus at Deer Valley

Park Meadows/Thaynes Canyon to Deer Valley:

Park Meadows and Thaynes Canyon have bus stops throughout the neighborhoods and are serviced by both the Green and Blue bus lines. Both of these bus lines come to Deer Valley, so hop on and relax until you reach the resort.

Prospector to Deer Valley:

Depending on where you are staying in Prospector, you can hop on either the Red or Yellow bus lines. Both of these buses come to Deer Valley, but the Yellow bus line will get you here faster!


Are you coming from Kamas? The Black bus line services Kamas in the mornings and evenings. You can take the Black bus line to the Old Town Transit Center and then switch to the Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, or Orange bus to get to Deer Valley.

A Bus in Park City, Utah

For more information, visit Park City’s website.

3 Responses

  1. Bill Watson says:

    I think these are great ideas. I do have a personal concern. We live in Solamere one mile from lot one. With no public transportation and no alternative bit to dive the mile we are going to ultimately have to pay or use an outlying lot. Keep this in mind for those of us that are local and do not have bus service.

  2. Mark Goldfarb says:

    As above, I am local & live in Park Meadows (NOT on a bus line). I’d be happy to take a bus if there was parking near a designated bus stop. Hopping on a bus at the bottom of Meadows Drive and 224 is simply not feasible or safe as you were standing with your skis and poles, in your boots on 224 with the cars are going 50 miles an hour and there is virtually no room for individuals. There is no shed for protection and with the snow piled up, You are truly standing on a busy highway. I would be willing to park at the PC Marc if this was allowed.

  3. Bob T says:

    I am local as well and arrive early in a fuel efficient subcompact car. I think reserving lot 1 for carpoolers stinks.

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