Spring Skiing Tips

As the weather starts to change and create spring skiing conditions, I thought I would throw out some spring skiing tips.

First and foremost, make sure you have plenty of sun block. I learned the hard way! When skiing at high altitudes, the sun is more intense especially when reflecting off the snow. It’s best to start skiing as early as possible before the sun is at its peak.
Absolutely sunglasses or goggles are just as important as the sun block. The spring sun and snow are more intense on your eyes.

Another perk to starting your day earlier is Corn Snow! As the temperatures become warmer the snow gets very soft and this can be difficult and tiring to ski. Corn Snow is what we call the conditions before the snow gets to a mashed potatoes type consistency. Corn Snow is almost as good as a powder day!

It’s not a bad idea to wax your skis too. Spring snow can be dirty and your skis will not glide as well as they should which makes unnecessary work for you. Be aware of your energy level on those warm bluebird days. Skiers tend to become tired quicker in the due to varying snow conditions.

As always, the cure to tired legs is a hot tub during après ski to get ready for the next day of sunshine!

We’ve had a few bluebird days so far, but with plenty of snow left and 7” last night, you may have a great sunny day with corn snow and the next day be out enjoying the powder again!!!

See you on the slopes.

3 Responses

  1. marcus says:

    The skiing this spring has been FANTASTIC! With a huge snow pack that is way above average, we all hope that the season might be extended. Lets all cross our fingers on that one…. If you cant enjoy 12 inches (or more) of powder, then you might as well have a nice blue bird day where you can get some vitamin D that we have all been missing this winter! Deer Valley Resort has got to be the best place to enjoy the end of the season. Nothing better that having their unbelievable food while sitting on the deck looking up the ski hill.

  2. Esquiador says:

    Nice post. However, I disagree with your advice to “start skiing as early as possible”. As you note, the snow has to bake a little before it turns to “corn”. If you get out too early, it’ll be like skiing on the moon — hard and crusty (mountain nights still cold). Too late and, as you say, “mashed potatoes”. So I say wait and let it bake a little, but not too long. The window for corn snow is small but the feeling, like skiing on ball bearings, is fun! A pair of rock skis that you pick up at a garage sale or ski swap is a good idea too….

  3. SOTR says:

    Good stuff, getting on the snow is always something you should try to do as like you said as the day goes on it gets softer

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