#SkiTheDifference Tip Series – Week 4


Skills not hills, take it slow

Whether it’s your first time on skis or you’re an experienced skier, don’t rush into exceeding your skill level. There is a huge difference between “surviving” a run and “skiing” it. Don’t push yourself, or let yourself be pushed by peers, to attempt to ski something you’re not ready for just to say you did so.

To successfully “ski” desired terrain focus on developing skills first, not hills. Find mellow terrain that is comfortable to you and practice. Focus on building skills like upper and lower body separation, being able to change the radius of your turns, edging and using your whole ski. (All things we will discuss in future weeks!) Once you’ve got the hang of it, move on to steeper terrain.

During the early season we see a lot of people so amped on being out here that they overdo it on Day 1. Challenging yourself with the expert terrain that first day could end your week long trip, so save the hot-dogging for later. That means no matter how much the off piste is calling your name, take the time to re-familiarize yourself with your skis, boots, and the feel of the snow.

Ski safe so you can ski all season! We’ll see you on the slopes!

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Derek Althof has 16 years experience in the ski industry and is Deer Valley’s ski school training manager and an alpine examiner and clinic leader for the Professional Ski Instructors of America’s Central and Intermountain Divisions. Derek learned to ski at age four and has had a passion for good skiing ever since.

We hope you enjoy our weekly skiing tips. Please remember that they can help but will not eliminate risks, as skiing is a dynamic sport. These tips are meant to help you build skills and progress for a more enjoyable skiing experience.

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