#SkiTheDifference Tip Series – Week 1

Come prepared, mentally and physically

The snow has started falling and here at Deer Valley we’re gearing up for the 2015-16 ski season. As promised, I’ll be bringing you a weekly ski tip from our Ski School Training Manager, Derek Althof.


For most, the transition from day job to skiing is quite noticeable. If you know the feeling, don’t sweat (actually… do sweat), there’s a lot you can do to prepare for the winter ahead to make the most of your ski days. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to get into ski shape.

Skiing is a dynamic sport. You’ll benefit by preparing physically (and thank yourself after that first day on the slopes). Exercises and activities that improve your balance, core strength, leg strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness are most helpful. You should always consult with a medical professional before embarking in any physical exercise program if you have concerns.

Sweat equity isn’t the only way to prepare for your first turns of the season. You can prepare mentally by watching good skiing, thinking about it and visualize yourself skiing. You’d be surprised at how these mental exercises can set you up for a successful first day.

Deer Valley World Cup 2015 from Deer Valley Resort on Vimeo.

So grab your friends, hit the gym or trails, host a ski movie night and talk about skiing. It’ll prepare you for the season ahead and get you fired up for your upcoming trip to Deer Valley. We look forward to seeing you here!


Derek Althof has 16 years experience in the ski industry and is Deer Valley’s ski school training manager and an alpine examiner and clinic leader for the Professional Ski Instructors of America’s Central and Intermountain Divisions. Derek learned to ski at age four and has had a passion for good skiing ever since.


We hope you enjoy our weekly skiing tips. Please remember that they can help but will not eliminate risks, as skiing is a dynamic sport. These tips are meant to help you build skills and progress for a more enjoyable skiing experience.

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