Skip the Snowman, Hit the Slopes

You don’t see many snowmen in Park City, Utah. When my son Brian, age 28, came to visit from Virginia, his first instinct was to run outside and make a snowman. His inner child couldn’t help himself. That didn’t work out so well. The snow is different here. It’s not wet and sticky, it’s light and flaky. This is not good “snowman making snow.” But it sure is good for skiing.




I am not a meteorologist by any means, but I’ll take a stab as to why. Our snow in Park City, Utah has low water content because our landscape is high desert. The Wasatch Mountain Range is on the outer boundary of the Great Basin Desert which extends through Nevada, Southern Idaho and Eastern California. Who knew the mountains were in the desert?


Then there is the massive Great Salt Lake. The lake is 75 miles long and 35 miles wide – it’s the largest body of water west of the Mississippi River. The lake effect dumps snow in the mountains. While its salt content is too high to support fish, the Great Salt Lake never freezes and its unique salt quality is often cited as a contributing factor to the “Greatest snow on earth.”

What that means for you? Snowmen, no. Great skiing, yes!




I guess it doesn’t really matter WHY the snow is so great, does it? I am headed out tomorrow to engage my own inner child and play in it – on skis at Deer Valley Resort. See you out there!

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2 Responses

  1. Brenda O says:

    Makes me want to be there tomorrow to ski with you!!!!

  2. Nancy says:


    Seriously! Forget making snowmen. Let’s go play in the powder.

    I am aiming for 30 ski days this year. ( I live here but work full time, I can’t go every day.)

    How about you? How many days will you ski this season?


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