Shades of Deer Valley

Yes, you can get everything at Deer Valley. Even goggles in bulk!

The must-have item for some guests during the Sundance Film Festival were the Smith IO and IO/S frameless goggle. I know this, because I had a group of clients in town who just had to have 15 pair. They had three days of skiing at Deer Valley (plus, one night dining at Mariposa) on the agenda—and the goggles were a crucial element.

Trouble is, no one store in town had the right combination of sizes and colors to make it work. While standing in one store, where they had a handful of pairs to sell us, I called Shades of Deer Valley. The incredibly friendly and helpful Charne took my call and scoured inventory to make sure we had access to every pair in stock. My pal Jill (with whom I don’t ski nearly frequently enough, but whom I adore immensely), who happened to be working in the store that day, took photos of the goggles with her iPhone, and sent them to me—client approval a must.

And, most importantly, Jill and Charne greeted us with big smiles, waving off my “apologies” for wiping out their stock. Never fear, they assured me, the next shipment was a day away. Which is a good thing, because my birthday is next week and I really want a pair of those goggles.

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