Rent Skis at Deer Valley to #SkiTheDifference

Great skiing starts with picking the right gear. For those Deer Valley visitors who are not bringing their own ski equipment, the resort’s rental department offers everything you need, regardless of your experience.


A few seasons ago, I interviewed Todd Daines, rental manager at Deer Valley Resort. He gave us a tour of his universe and shared his professional experience of more than three decades as the head of the resort rental equipment.

Last season I paid him another visit to learn what was new and exciting in his department. The following is I what I learned during my conversation with him.

Renting gear is becoming more popular. Purchasing skis requires a consumer to make a continuous effort in keeping up with technology. There’s also the cost factor. New equipment has become quite expensive and hard to amortize unless a skier uses it frequently. Finally, for skiers who must fly to a ski-destination, the cost of checking gear has become prohibitive. By comparison, renting remains a steady value, especially if one factors in the discounts offered on consecutive day rentals.


These benefits are magnified when visitors rent with Deer Valley Resort. “First and foremost, the process keeps on getting shorter” said Todd Daines. “Just seven years ago, it would take between 30 to 40 minutes to outfit a rental customer. Today with our new digital and bar code technology, this time has dropped to just 7 to 9 minutes.” Guests can also leave their equipment overnight at Deer Valley’s ski corrals.


This means that there is no need to carry skis back and forth to the hotel or the condo and walk around in ski boots. For repeat customers or skiers who know exactly what ski and size they need, Deer Valley’s “Grab & Ski” program enables them to come in and pick up their rental ski gear without having to wait!

If a guest need to upgrade, exchange or adjust their equipment, they can do it on the mountain, either at Snow Park or Silver Lake. For those skiers who want to try what’s new and exciting with today’s skis, there’s the Rossignol High Performance Test Center, located  by the Empire Lodge. The best thing about it is that it’s a free service to all Deer Valley Resort skiers!

The Deer Valley Resort rental department continues to feature Rossignol skis and boots. Working exclusively with an industry leader enables rental customers to choose among a wide selection of some the best products available.


Rossignol manufactures several different types of skis. This focused approach leaves no stone unturned in order to satisfy everyone. Todd adds, “Even customers that are used to other brands and models can easily be guided into picking their equivalent in the Rossignol line. At the end of their stay and without exception, it’s incredible how many people are raving about their experience.”

The quality and performance of the models offered by Deer Valley is also changing the meaning of “rental equipment”. For starters, the skis are meticulously tuned and maintained, thanks to a state-of-the-art tuning machinery. Today’s customers are also becoming more and more educated and product savvy. They often know which ski and model they want. “Our most knowledgeable clients are simply astounded when they can pick a top-of-the-line product like our Soul 7 skis, which in most places is only available as a demo for $150 per day!” remarks Daines.


Of course, there are rental skis, boots, poles and even helmets for all skiers, from the smallest toddlers to the most seasoned expert. The Junior department is well stocked and plays an important role in outfitting young skiers at a family resort like Deer Valley. Beginner to Intermediate skiers can pick their gear in the Enthusiast line while all intermediate to expert skiers will choose among the Performance and the Premier lines.

The Rossignol ski boot offering continues to offer easy-entry 3-buckle boots in the Enthusiast line, all the way to its Synergy and Vita models in the Premier line. Over the years bindings have come a long way and have now pretty much settled in their current state of technology.


Today the focus is clearly on ski technology. It encompasses shape, all kinds of composite materials, light weight construction, rocker design and a host of new features. Looking at these criteria it’s easy to see how the Sin 7 is a ski at the top of the “food chain”. It features Powder Turn Rocker that reduces “tip flap” for increased all-mountain versatility while its Air Tip technology improves flotation and control.

In the all-mountain performance class, the Experience series is best exemplified by the E88 and E84 models. All include Air Tip technology, new waist widths, a longer, more progressive tip profile and the Auto Turn Rocker that blends powerful edge grip with great maneuverability. For skiers who love Deer Valley’s corduroy and hard-pack, the Pursuit line is a power-packed option that brings tons of excitement to our great terrain. Its subtle Power Turn Rocker tip engages quickly and the ski is a dream for playful and effortless carving.
If you need to learn more about the rental ski equipment available at Deer Valley Resort, visit  or call 888-SKI-TIPS, that is 888-754-8477.


See you all on the slopes!

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  1. Cub Keller says:

    Will Deer Valley have a demo days this year? Tried finding it on the event calendar but haven’t seen anything.

  2. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Cub,

    Thanks for reaching out. You can demo the latest in Rossignol ski technology at the Rossignol High Performance Test Center, located adjacent to the Empire Canyon Lodge, near the ski storage area. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Here is a video that explains a little more You can also get more information here:

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