Plan Your Summer in Park City: Do As The Locals Do

When are you considered a local?

What is a “local” anyways?

Even though I am not totally sure how “being a local” is defined, I do know, unequivocally, that it would not include me. Four years of residency does not make a local in any city on any continent.

That said, using my “navy brat adaptability training” from childhood, I plan my summers like a local.  You see, one way to adapt to a new environment is to “do as the locals do.”

Here is what I have observed living in Park City for a few summers:

Music moves you so plan your week (or visit) around the music.

Deer Valley Concert 4

Concerts: St. Regis’s Big Stars Bright Nights and the Utah Symphony’s Deer Valley Music Festival

There is nothing like music in the mountains. In June, locals check the lineups and get their tickets early to ensure they have a spot in case their favorites are sold out.

This year, you’ll find great acts including Lyle Lovett (a favorite of mine), Trace AtkinsJewelDreamWorks Animation in ConcertThe B-52s and more. Locals will tend to mix it up with their choice of seating. For favorite artists, they may purchase “assigned seating” tickets to be right in the front. With a group of friends, locals will purchase lawn tickets. One person from each group will usually come early and spread out the blanket or set up a space for a few low chairs. Everyone brings a picnic or orders a gourmet picnic baskets and bags from Deer Valley.

DV Basket

Every Wednesday night in the summer, Deer Valley hosts Grand Valley Bank Community Concert Series

This is hugely popular with locals. They check out the artists ahead of time on the Deer Valley Resort website (link) or Mountain Town Music (link), if they aren’t familiar with artists, they’ll listen while they work on YouTube. Then on the calendar it goes and they plan their summer around the bands they love and new artists.

My calendar has these concerts written in ink:

Lash LaRue – Western

Jaggertown – Country Rock

Austin Wolfe – Park City homegrown talent

Sophia Dion – Going to bring my 6 year old granddaughter to see this 15 year old!

Joy & Eric – local favorite

Locals Tips for summer evening concerts at Deer Valley

It gets chilly when the sun goes down. Locals have layers so be sure to bring a jacket. Wearing sunscreen for an evening concert may sound odd; do it though! It is sunny until about 8 p.m. and we are at 8,000 feet. Sometimes a cloud will come over and drop a few raindrops on the crowd, locals quickly pull out a poncho, jacket or small umbrella. The shower is over in 15 minutes and they are dry.

Bring low chairs, the requirement is less than 14” so everyone can enjoy the show. So pick up or borrow some low chairs. Deer Valley sells concert chairs with straps to carry on your back and a pocket for your rain gear.

You don’t need to get there early. Many people do arrive early and grab a spot close to the stage but there is plenty of grass on the hill for everyone.

Park Silly Market on Main Street Sundays.

Silly Market

You guessed it, there is music there, too. Starting at 10:00 a.m. every Sunday, the bottom of Park City’s Historic Main Street is blocked off and booths full of interesting, unusual goods can be found. It’s a festive atmosphere with lots of fun things to do for the kids.

Silly Market 2

Mountain Town Music sponsors the music and you can find the line up on their website.

Tip: Parking is scarce on Main Street for Park Silly. Avoid it! Drive to Snow Park Lodge at Deer Valley for abundant parking and take a quick bus ride to Main Street.

There is a saying in Park City, people come for the winters and stay for the summers. It’s true! Enjoy your summer in Park City, Utah.

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