Park Silly Market Serious Enjoyment

We came to Park Silly Sunday Open Air Market for the music – specifically the George T. Gregory band who were playing at the Main Stage.  I had read the promo in the Park Record -they combine some of my favorite genres with blues, pop jazz, and rock so we wanted to check them out.  As we headed down Main St toward the stage, we ran into a few silly people.

Let me ask you this-If you saw a grown woman wearing a curly bond wig, and sporting a plastic inner tube around her waist with a froggy on it, would you stop and wonder or stop and stare?  How about a man with a blue face on one side but normal looking on the other?  A guy in a wide brim purple hat with feather trim and a purple tie dyed shirt? Usually yes, but not at Park Silly Market.  The volunteers and coordinator enjoy not taking themselves too seriously so when I asked the inner tube sporting lady to pose for a picture and couldn’t quite get out of my mouth why, she simply said, “because I am silly?” Yes, wonderfully silly.

I noticed that even though some of the volunteers were dressed in silly ways, they were doing serious work.  One was focusing on open areas to add more booths for the farmer’s market and another was working the sound board for the band.  The silliness set a relaxed vibe for the rest of us to enjoy the open air market with booths full of local artisans and food vendors as well as the shops and restaurants up and down historic Main St.

We came for the music and ended up walking home with a fresh loaf of Tuscan sour dough bread, lots of locally grown organic veggies, a big bag of kettle corn (after shamelessly stuffing our faces with samples) and a pink fish shaped bubble maker with a battery powered fan for our two year old granddaughter’s upcoming visit. We’ll probably play with it ourselves a few times before she comes — just to be silly. Seriously.

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