October Snow

How much things can change in a week! I unexpectedly woke up to the sound of snow plows the last week and thought maybe it was a bit premature.  However as I looked out the window, sure enough the rain hard turned to snow over night. I probably had almost 4 inches in the driveway. It continued to snow most of the day but more importantly it stayed cold, until today!

Deer Valley Resort, October 25, 2010

I definitely got the itch to ski last week as the snow fell.  I went to the Warren Miller movie premiere in Park City and organized my ski stuff for the season. Even though today is a beautiful Utah day the desire to ski is still strong. My skis, boots and ski outfits continue to arrive at the front door. My boys are looking for their new ski stuff too, but I have to remind them that Santa brings new skis only if they are good. Although this week’s weather is supposed to be nicer , the mountain tops are still white.  At least I’ll still get to exercise outside a few more times to make sure I am ready for opening day, December 4!

See you on the Slopes!

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