My Granddaughter’s List of Favorite Summer Activities at Deer Valley Resort

Time is measured differently when you are with a six-year-old child.

Instead of “morning, afternoon, and evening,” a day is broken down into a string of endless adventures.  When our grandchildren come to visit, I try to capture each and every one of those precious moments in my journals to remember them more vividly.

As a lifelong journal-er, imagine my delight when my granddaughter arrived for her summer visit with one in her hand. Showing me, she said, “Noni, see, my journal has a little lock on it.”
To her amazement, I brought out my own journal (as well as a few journaling supplies I’d picked up over the years).   You see, at my house, we don’t use ball point pens for our special journals. Instead we use colored markers, stencils and wide variety of washi tape to adorn the pages.  (If you don’t know, washi tape is colored and/or patterned tape used to decorate the borders of scrapbooks and journal pages. This tape is a favorite of those of us who use the “bullet journal method.”)

For our outing at Deer Valley Resort, we brought the journals and all of the writing supplies with us for our lift ride, hike and picnic at the Snack Shack at Silver Lake Lodge.

Here are some of the adventures we recorded that day:


Adventure 1: Riding the lift from Snow Park to Silver Lake Lodge, we took special note of the runs she skied in her Reindeer Club ski lesson.  My husband pointed, “See the Magic Carpet and Snowflake chairlift?  Look. There is Success ski run! You did that one, too.”


Adventure 2:  Lift ride to the top of the mountain and the scenic view. As we walked off the lift at the top, we grabbed ski poles to use as walking sticks. She was delighted there was a pint-sized pink ski pole that fit her perfectly.


Adventure 3: Hike around the top of Bald Mountain to complete the 360 degree view. We could see for miles and miles in every direction. We could even see our house!  The lift ride down provided a different view of Park City as we pointed out additional landmarks.



Adventure 4: Picnic at the Snack Shack at Silver Lake Lodge.  After picking out a turkey wrap, chips and cold water for her lunch, she had the opportunity to choose from a variety of Deer Valley cookies for dessert. As you may well know, Deer Valley cookies are an adventure of themselves.


Adventure 5:  Journaling. After we ate lunch, we were able to spread out our writing supplies and immediately write down the highlights of our day. The outdoor tables at Silver Lake Lodge were a perfect place for a kid to have a picnic.


Here is an excerpt from her list:

Go on the Silver Lake chairlift

My favorite thing was going on the hike

They had a pink pole (there was a little issue with spelling but we got it figured out.)

Scenic view


Who knew something as seemingly minor as a pink ski pole would be one of her favorite things?  By taking the time to relax, have a picnic, and discuss our adventure, it helped us to see the world through her eyes.

Our #Deervalleymoment was spending time with our granddaughter. Hers was to be on the top of the world with her grandfather holding his hand while gripping a pink walking stick that fit her perfectly.

What was your #Deervalleymoment this summer?

Click here for a menu for the Snack Shack at Silver Lake Lodge.

3 Responses

  1. Summer Niskanen says:

    Sounds like an amazing day!!!! Loved the picture at the top of the mountain and the one of her journal entry. Deer Valley is equally as amazing in the summer as it is in the winter!!!

  2. Janie Garretson says:

    Adventures with grands are always memorable. I love the idea of journaling with your granddaughter. My fondest memories of when our two oldest granddaughters were little is their visits to “Camp Spoil Me Rotten” when we lived on a lake in Michigan. The hours spent floating around the lake in our pontoon looking for fish, sea monsters, etc. still live in our collective hearts. Childhood is fleeting; making such memories is a gift. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Gloria says:

    Spending time with our grandkids is priceless. Just the simple things brings us so much joy
    Thanks for Sharing ❤️

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