My Definition of a “Perfect Storm”

I’m not talking about the situation that describes an event in which a rare combination of circumstances will drastically tip the natural order over, nor do I want to allude to the book and the movie covering the phenomenon and that is the source of the expression.

What I want to talk about is what happened this past Monday, late afternoon, when the skies suddenly became dark and snow began to fall like it would never stop. It kept on storming into the evening and the following morning, we woke up to a picture-perfect weather and to over 10 inches of fluffy new snow.

Now, this is what I call a “perfect storm,” when the precipitation arrives after a full workday for some, or a fun-filled vacation afternoon, when the heavy snowfall doesn’t impede traffic too much or create unnecessary stress on skiers and other mountain folks that have to work their way around it.

That’s right: Regular night snowstorm followed by bluebird skies and super light powder in the morning; that’s the only circumstance in my book that deserves to be called a perfect storm, and we have many of those in Deer Valley: A timely, convenient and generous precipitation that supplies days of fun for mountain lovers!

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  1. Chicagoan says:

    For the ten of us in my group who skied Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, then had a Tuesday morning flight to catch in Salt Lake, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Really kind of a bummer. Hope all the Tuesday skiers had a great time, though. We were all very jealous. Though it’s hard to complain too much after three days of pretty good skiing.

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