Kicking Off the Season Right!

Opening day found Ski Dad and me racing about the house, getting the kids into base layers, organizing the ski bags, and getting ourselves dressed. We threw a hearty meal of whole grain English muffins with Nutella spread and a banana at the kids, and started pounding water to get a jump on staying hydrated for the day. “I don’t think we will have time for our own breakfast,” said Ski Dad with a hint of mockery in his voice. “We’ll HAVE TO eat there.” “There” is Snow Park Lodge, home to the best breakfast in Park City. Yeah, I reasoned, I could take one for the team.

As we ordered our French Toast from smiling chefs,

Ski Dad announced: “I have been waiting all summer for this French Toast.”

Trust me, it was worth the wait. … 

As promised, opening day held the joy of ski school for both our boys. After an effortless and cheerful check in with Francis and Nicole at the Children’s Center,

 Little Guy pulled his extra-special no-holds-barred just-for-mommy separation anxiety fit. I escaped with my last shred of sanity riding the coattails of a wave of guilt. Luckily, I have a second career as a ski slope spy, and I was able to take a peek at a blissfully happy Little Guy on The Magic Carpet, the Snowflake Chairlift, and the Wide West run from my perch on Burns Chair, while delivering Big Guy to his Adventure Club class.

I managed to shoot some video with my spy cam (smart phone), though if the are any developers rereading this blog, an app that enhances a shot with telephoto power would be much appreciated.

Spycam Footage

Both boys had a blast in ski school. Little Guy’s erstwhile “buddy” Dine Dine, enjoyed the ride from his perch inside Little Guy’s snow suit, head sticking out at the collar.

Little Guy’s report card was filled with check marks on boxes next to sentences including “I had fun.” “I balanced on my skis” “I made wedge turns on my own…” A confidence booster that sent us back to the hill on day 2, thinking he’d show off for Mom and Dad. See the Day 2 report to learn how that worked out.

While the kids are away…Ski Mom and Ski Dad do play.

We have some new pals in Park City, whom we’ve kind of known for years.

Lisa and Dave are new to the area, but I have interviewed Lisa and her brother Josh for stories in which I needed quotes from experts in their respective fields. Several years ago, Josh, who I met first, sent Lisa my way, so I could offer my perspective on relocating to Park City…something she and Dave were strongly considering. Guess what I said? Yup. Do it.  They made their move this summer, but it took us until ski season to get together in real time.

But there we were on chairlifts, touring Dave and Lisa around our favorite runs, and catching up with each other on the chairlift rides.

We imposed on the mountain host atop Flagstaff for a snapshot of what turned out to be a fab day of companionable skiing and great conversation.

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