Keeping It Authentic With Silver Lake Lodge Street Tacos

Back in the day, you might drive through the streets of Downtown Anywhere, U.S.A., and see hook-up trailers with food vendors selling quick lunches to local workers escaping their offices for a bit of ethnic fare.

Standard chicken, beef and pork were most often offered for the ultimate in fast food eats, and sometimes a beverage from the truck’s ice-loaded Coleman cooler might even be offered alongside.

Oh my, how things have changed.

Nowadays, tacos are the soup d’jour. The bite of champagne on a beer budget. They’re basically everyone’s go-to favorite meal any time, and anywhere.

In fact, it’s somewhat ironic that the epicenter of elevated taco feasting is happening in the dual-foodie-epicenters of Silver Lake, California and mid-mountain at Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley.

Or is it?

My husband could eat ethnic food breakfast, noon and night. Oh wait. He does.

The fact that Deer Valley has expanded their ethnic horizons by offering street tacos mid-mountain at Silver Lake Lodge is making him extra warm this winter.

Especially when the snow is falling in perfect formation just like the line up of these tacos. Synchronicity!

First, we were enamored with the Bald Mountain Pho. PHO-TASTIC!

And now, street tacos that every foodie will love.

Believe me. It’s love.

We start with fresh white corn tortillas that are lightly dressed in a shredded cabbage slaw. Oh the creamy crunch!

I hope she didn’t mind I barged my way behind the counter to get a photo of her in action. She was so accommodating, even when she was probably wondering who the heck is this crazy photo bomber?

Next, you have your choice of protein. The street tacos are delivered in three different options:

Mole Beef Short Rib. So flavorful.

Pork Carnitas. So tender.

Cilantro Lime Shrimp. I’m such a sucker for shrimp.

Get one, two or three. Or mix and match to your hearts content.

Then we must top it all off. Because at Deer Valley, it’s ALL ABOUT TOPPING IT OFF to make the every day extraordinary.

Pico de gallo. Red chile sauce. Salsa verde. Pickled red onion (YES!). Grilled pineapple salas. Cilantro. Lime wedges for an authentic finisher.

My friends, these tacos are serious. Seriously authentic.

And because I can’t stop, pass more salsa please! The vinegar tang in this salsa is spot on. I didn’t just drizzle, I dipped!

One of my favorite parts of the tacos wasn’t a particular ingredient in the tacos themselves. It was the super fresh, crunch munch of the kale, red quinoa, corn and black bean salad that came with the trio of tacos.

For healthy eaters, and Mexican food lovers, this is your meal to seal the deal.

Husband approved.

Silver Lake Lodge, mid-mountain 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., daily

Heidi Larsen is the creator of, the blog and online magazine featuring family friendly recipes and inspiring photography. She also photographs Deer Valley Resort’s food and fine dining when not enjoying quality time on the ski hill with her husband and 11 year old daughter. See more of what she’s crushing on at Facebook and Instagram.

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