How To Rent Snowmobiles in Park City, Utah

Snowmobiling in Park City Utah with a wonderful view

It was day four of our six-day ski vacation and the kids were a bit tired – okay, it was more like I was looking at a potential coup d’état, if we didn’t take a break from skiing. Both 9-year-old Brook and 7-year-old Alex had been troopers but they were ready to use some different muscles and see some new scenery. My husband, the kids and I were staying at the family-friendly Lodges at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, and the heated, outdoor swimming pool was a great option for part of our off day, but I wondered, “What else could help entertain the family?”

Group of snowmobiles with a great view in Park City, Utah

After considering several options, I thought I’d look into snowmobile rentals in Park City since it’s fast, exciting and doesn’t work the ski legs too hard. Plus we’d never been snowmobiling before and we wanted to give it a try. After some quick online research, I found Summit Meadows Adventures and thought they would be perfect, since their guided tours are on a scenic, private ranch just 10 minutes away from Park City and they provide transportation to and from our lodging property. A bonus that I noticed on their website was that they were run by Deer Valley Resort, and we were super pleased with everything we had experienced at the resort and with our lodging so far. Children under 8 years old can ride for free with a paying adult too!

So, as instructed on their website, I called them to make a reservation for our family and asked about availability for that afternoon. Surprisingly, they had space on a two-hour tour, departing at 1 p.m. I thought this would be ideal, because it allowed us to have a leisurely morning with some pool time and then some time afterwards to relax at our hotel’s hot tub as well.

One person sitting on a rock looking out at Park city, Utah.

The reservationist on the phone was very helpful, letting me know that they offered coats, snow pants, and gloves for rent if we needed them. Being skiers, we had everything we needed for the adventure. She said we could use our own ski helmets and goggles even, but we opted for the complimentary snowmobile helmets that were provided.

One Snowmobile with one person on it with a nice few

We had such a great time on our snowmobile tour; our guide was wonderful and the scenery was magical! The adventure was a fun and memorable diversion from skiing for Brook and Alex as well as for my husband and me. The kids are still raving about all of their Park City and Deer Valley adventures, especially the great skiing, the awesome pool and amazing snowmobile rides. It was such a brilliant way to have a day of rest for our ski legs and we will be sure to include this in our itinerary for future ski trips.

To make a reservation for your own snowmobile rentals in Park City, Utah call Summit Meadows Adventures at 888-896-7669 or 435-645-7669.

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