New all-time snowfall record at Deer Valley

Deer Valley Resort has reached a new all-time snowfall record and is celebrating by extending the ski season for an extra week! Chairlifts on Deer Valley’s Bald Eagle and Bald Mountain will continue spinning beyond the resort’s original closing day through Sunday, April 23, 2023, conditions permitting. 

Fresh snow received throughout the day on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, pushed the season’s total depth to 485” – more than 40 feet – which surpassed the previously held record of 484” recorded during the 2016-2017 winter season. Deer Valley’s official snow stake is located on Ontario ski run on Flagstaff Mountain at 9,000 feet elevation. While powder days have already been plentiful this winter, over five weeks now remain of Deer Valley’s ski season providing guests more opportunity to revel in the abundant snow and experience the Deer Valley difference. 

“The historic snowfall has officially made this season our snowiest on record with over a month of skiing left. These incredible conditions also created our longest season by being able to extend ski operations beyond both our planned opening and closing days” said Deer Valley Resort President & COO Todd Bennett. “I am grateful to our dedicated staff who have kept the mountain operating and guests smiling. They’ve maintained their unparalleled service and commitment to teamwork through the challenging weather conditions this year.” 

Guests looking to enjoy this record-breaking snowfall and extended spring season, can find spring lodging packages with savings up to 30% on lodging and lift tickets at 

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Discover the Ultimate Recipe for Deer Valley Turkey Chili: Make it Yourself at Home!

Bring our most popular dish, Deer Valley Turkey Chili, to your kitchen by preparing it at home with Southwestern Turkey Chili Mix in our signature Chili Bowl.

To help you make the most of this savory dish, Deer Valley chefs have shared a few tips and tricks to create a perfect batch of turkey chili every time. 

Prepare in Advance 

One of the best tips for making turkey chili is to prepare it in advance. While it may be tempting to cook it on the day of serving, the flavors will be enhanced if you prepare it a day ahead of time. This allows the ingredients to meld together and creates a more complex flavor profile. 

Cook as Indicated and Refrigerate Overnight 

When preparing your turkey chili, make sure to follow the recipe carefully. This will ensure that you get the right balance of flavors and textures. Once you’ve finished cooking, refrigerate the chili overnight. This helps with the thickening process and allows the flavors to develop even further. 

Simmer Slowly 

On the day of serving, take the chili out of the fridge and heat it up slowly. The best way to do this is to simmer it in a slow cooker or soup pot on low heat. This will maximize flavor absorption and allow the chili to reduce to its intended thick, rich consistency. Make sure to stir occasionally to prevent sticking. 

Add Liquid Slowly 

If you’re cooking your chili on the day of serving, make sure to add the liquid slowly. This is because reducing time may be limited. If you add all the liquid at once, the chili may become too watery, and the flavors won’t be as concentrated. 

Reduce Liquid 

Adding less liquid than called for in the recipe will not adversely affect the taste of your turkey chili. This will help to create a thicker, heartier dish that is perfect for dipping or pouring over nachos. 

Suggested Toppings 

For an extra burst of flavor, try serving your turkey chili with some delicious toppings, including chopped red or green onions, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and jalapeño slices. You can also try pouring your chili over tortilla chips for delicious Turkey Chili Nachos! 

Making the perfect turkey chili requires a bit of preparation and attention to detail, but by following these tips, you’ll be able to create a dish that is rich, hearty, and bursting with flavor. So, the next time you’re missing Deer Valley, try making a batch of turkey chili to hold you over until your next trip to Park City! 

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Want to learn more about the Deer Valley Turkey Chili? Read about the dishes history and four ways to enjoy it around the resort

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400″ of Snow and Counting at Deer Valley

We’ve officially surpassed 400″ of snow this season at Deer Valley Resort —  a top five season for snow since we opened in 1981 and we still have over six weeks to go. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the hardworking staff at Deer Valley Resort who have made this incredible winter

Deer Valley to Host Michelin Star Chef Giancarlo Morelli for Taste of Luxury Series

The next course in Deer Valley Resort’s Taste of Luxury series features Michelin Star Chef Giancarlo Morelli, one of Italy’s most recognizable culinary icons, for a series of exclusive events including a VIP meet-and-greet reception, five-course Italian dinners with wine pairings, an intimate hands-on cooking class followed by a coursed lunch, and a farewell brunch

Deer Valley Winter Gift Guide

Welcome to the Deer Valley winter gift guide! Located in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah, Deer Valley is a premier ski destination, offering world-class skiing and other winter activities for visitors of all ages and abilities. Winter is here and we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for the skiers and winter