Heidi’s Winter Predictions

I love this time of year. The resorts are opening and the holidays are upon us. I think each day I get a new Christmas list from my youngest son, Stefan. Where’s the Sears catalog? When I was a kid, I remember flipping through that catalog of 1000 plus pages and writing down and ear-marking something from every page.

A few weekends ago we enjoyed Park City Mountain Resort’s opening. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate. It hit me on opening day as my eldest son requested to ‘be there before 9 a.m.’ and ski in the “precipitation,” that he really is a skier.  Or maybe he starting to think skiing with Mom just isn’t the cool thing to do anymore! He asked me if I was going to ski, too and my answer was, “I have skied in many days like today and it makes you a better skier, but Mom gets to choose her ski days now.” He asked me what that meant, and I said, “I have put in my time just as you are beginning to put your time in the bank.” He looked at me with an inquisitive look and walked off.

Thankfully we had a great early snow storm. What do I predict for the upcoming season? That we live in the greatest place, have the greatest mountain to ski, greatest community and we will be the number one resort again after the great snow season that is coming. What’s it called? The “calm before the storm.”  Maybe this is the “perfect storm” season brewing. We can only wait and see for now.

I have four days on snow so far and counting. See you on the slopes this weekend!


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