Getting Ready For Ski Season

Many people ask how I stay in shape for skiing and prepare for the upcoming season. I have to be honest, keeping up with two kids and sneaking in a road bike ride once in a while is about the extent of my routine.  Also, having a new member of the family “Aksel” who needs exercise hiking helps as well!

My training use to be so regimented when I was on the US Ski Team that I take pleasure living in such a beautiful spot and just try to enjoy the outdoors here in Park City. I’ve seen too many inside walls of gyms.

About this time of year I start pulling out the family’s ski stuff to see if anything needs to be replaced. I overheard that the weather is suppose to get really cold this week. I must be ready for ski season as I was actually excited to hear this!

Make sure you get organized and take advantage of the early season prices on passes and tickets. Also, trade in your gear at the Park City Ski Team Swap is Nov 4-6. This is a great place to get prepared for the winter. Especially for those skiers who don’t ski every day or want a good deal on equipment or clothes.

I even have my new snow tires on! Bring on the snow! Although the boys still tell me to “get a Harley motorcycle and put my skis on the back.” Hmmmm…. this could be a good Warren Miller clip!

See you on the slopes of Deer Valley– Come check us out this season!


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