Getting Ready for Ski Season

One thing I have learned living in Park City is that you are ALWAYS getting ready for ski season. At the Fourth of July parade and celebration on Main Street, I bought my new ski jacket and in August, a Smart Wool sweater to wear under it.  In September, I picked up a set of ski pants so clothing-wise; I am well on my way.

Fitness wise, I am not so sure but am working on it. Try this:

1. Hitting tennis balls –  It’s winter but Park City Municipal Athletic Recreation Center known as “the Marc” has a “bubble” with several indoor tennis courts to keep you warm and dry. Once a week I hit tennis balls with a friend. Tennis is not only good for cardio and eye hand coordination but for ski conditioning due to the side to side movements you make when approaching the ball.

2. Rowing – The Concept 2 rowing machine is my best friend. I used to row crew with the Master’s so when on the indoor rower, I just close my eyes and imagine being on the water in the shell with 7 other women rowing in unison.    Rowing is also easy on the knees and also great for both upper and lower body strength — love it!

3. Circuit training – I read a blog on the best fitness apps and found my new best friend –Nike Training Club App. I am sure there are some other great apps out there but I am totally obsessed with Nike Training Club.

First of all, there are a hundred different workout choices –get lean, toned, strong, or “focused.” Each one has a variety of workouts by level.  You don’t need extensive equipment — just some weights and a medicine ball. I love how it just walks you through a workout – plank rows for one minute followed by Russian twists for one minute then mountain climbers, etc.  Frankly, its easy to follow since you don’t have to think about it – just choose a workout, decide on music from the iPad and get started.

I never thought I would care about this (or admit it in public) but they also award badges by level. Today at the end of my workout, a message popped up. “Congratulations, you have reached a new level.  You are a contender.”

Me?  A contender?  “Hey Honey, guess what? Remember when I told you I could  have been a contender? Well, turns out I was right! Nike says I am.”  It is silly, but actually it’s kind of fun.

4. Tracking my exercise and food intake. I use the My Fitness Pal app to track food and daily exercise.  Before I reach into the Chex Mix bag, I think about having to write in later that I just ate an extra 300 calories: this certainly helps me grab an apple instead.   I log everything I eat and drink as well as my workouts to help me stay on track.

My son, Rick, and his girlfriend are members too so we have this little healthy support community.  An added benefit of having my family online is avoiding public humiliation — a strong motivator that certainly works for me!

How are you getting ready for ski season?

3 Responses

  1. Lauren says:

    Insanity Asylum! Work out from home – Shaun T kicks your butt! Definitely ready for ski season! 🙂

  2. Nancy Anderson says:


    IA looks like a crazy workout. I’ll bet you’ll be flying down the mountain!


  3. Rachel Creightzee says:

    Ski Pants are so important when you hit the slopes. It is really the only way to stay warm and comfortable. I just found the perfect pair at Burlington Coat Factory for about $40 less than I had seen them for anywhere else. I love them already, and I haven’t even worn them on the slopes yet.

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