Fireside Dining at Deer Valley Resort

Empire Canyon Lodge, nestled high in the Wasatch Back has the allure of that one well marketed image so often captured: ski resort lodge. The drive to Empire Canyon Lodge obliges as mood setting fodder. Those who experience Fireside Dining, Empire Canyon Lodge’s allure, will receive a just reward.

Deer Valley Fireside Dining Lodge

Fireside Dining is graciously roomy. Quaking aspen crackling aflame comforts an inborn essence we all crave. I believe that everyone has fireplace desire. From the medieval to modern, fire offers mystic in a magical way. The five great hearth fireplaces cook food while patrons’ eyes watch the playfulness of the fire’s dancing light. I can’t express enough the excellence of the flames and what they produce.

Fireside Dining is well staffed. Christina our server was very detailed filling us in on what and when and where. She was focused on giving constant attention and pleasantness throughout the evening.

Deer Valley Fireside Dining Cheese

Cheese plate and the word, “seventeen,” spoken by Ryan, the assistant manager at Fireside Dining, certainly caught my attention. He explained that the unofficial cheese plate record in one night is 17.  Believe me I wanted to eat several cheese plates myself, yet there are so many fine food items to enjoy that I held back. (I was happy with my choice by the end of the evening.)


The Lodges at Deer Valley

I strongly recommend the veal and wild mushroom stew; it is heralded as a in-twelve-years-never-changed recipe. 
I couldn’t get enough of it (on the hand-grated Rosti potatoes is the way to have it).  I had veal stew on my mind for several days after dining!

So, from the extensive wine list to the leg of lamb, or the fondue dessert array to any and all of the other forms of deliciousness, start with the Swiss Raclette cheese plate to kick off a magnificent dining experience.

Ryan also mentioned that the staff enjoys the envy of prospective employees. Turnover at Fireside Dining is very low. This allows the guests to enjoy a lot of the same smiling faces year after year.


David Olson

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  1. Nathan Olson says:

    Great review. Can’t wait to pay a visit. It’s been far too long since I’ve had a proper Swiss Raclette!

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