Field Trip to Daly Chute #2

Another day, another Chute!

In fact, this time, I wanted to check the Cataract side at Daly and particularly Chute #7, but its access was closed for avalanche control.  Instead, I set my sight on Chute #2.  It grabbed my attention with its impressive, overgrown cornice. As usual, we had our little chit-chat:

Chute #2: I saw you flying by, probably intent on skiing the “X-Files…”

JF: Not really; I wanted to descent Chute #7, but it’s closed!

Chute #2: Have you seen that big, new cornice of mine?

JF: I’m impressed, can I jump it; what do you think?

Chute #2: If I were you, I’d practice a bit, before making a fool of myself…

JF: Nay; I think I can do it, I’ll launch, we’ll see!

Chute #2: Good luck, big shot!

The video is here to tell the whole story like it is..

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