Easton Corbin at Deer Valley Resort


I love all music, depending on my mood. The level of joy from listening to live music is determined also by the people you are with. Listening by yourself is not as fun as a group that is super excited and into it. And that was my Easton Corbin experience last summer.


To be honest, I had not heard of Easton Corbin. In fact, my friend kept giving me a hard time because leading up to the concert I kept calling him Corbin East. Close, but no cigar.


It made for a good laugh. See, my friend is everything country music. She has a few cowboy boots to choose from, I have none. (To be fair, my size elevens would look a little funky, don’t you think?)


We took my mom and together these three ladies hit the awesome venue at Deer Valley’s Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater to celebrate the night together. Great company, good food and groovy music. Yes, I said groovy. Our Gourmet Picnic Basket blew my friend’s mind. She was amazed by all the delicious goodies that were packed in for the night. Allison and I could not get enough of the taste or creativity of the salted caramel chocolate brownie pop on a stick! Genius!



I love everything about a night out and outside at Deer Valley, especially when the band knows how to get the place and the people going. Easton Corbin and his band did just that. With the giant E in lights behind the stage and the awesome energy from everyone in the band, we were all feeling the country-rock vibe.


So much so that we ran up to the stage to dance a little. It usually takes a while for the rush to the stage to happen but once it does, the whole show takes a turn for the better. Almost every performer has their group of die-hard dancers that gather on the left side of the audience to dance. But then some time during the show the masses just can’t take it anymore. All it takes is a few brave people (not me) to be the first. And then the followers (me), do their thing.


Allison got to shake Easton’s hand, and we determined her night was complete! My mom rocked out as she always does and we just kept looking at her and smiling. She is such a cool grandma! We even got to witness a fantastic moment when the guitar player handed a little girl his pic! She was so excited.


These concerts aren’t just for us adults. There were many kids in the audience either snuggled up with their parents or dancing away and feeling the music. And I think that is important. I took my son to a different concert last year, Grace Potter. She was ROCKIN’! Absolutely amazing. I said to Spider, “See how hard she is working. This is her art. We need to show her respect and give her good, awesome energy back! We need to clap, dance and cheer so she knows we appreciate her.” Great, live music is much different than great music on the radio. A fantastic, live show separates the great from the good.



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