Mountain Bike Tip – Carry a Tool Kit

Carry a Tool Kit
Whenever you’re out riding it’s important to carry at least a basic tool kit. Whether it’s in a saddle bag or in your backpack, having some basic tools can mean the difference between rolling/riding or walking home. At the very minimum consider carrying:

• Multi-tool (with a chain breaker, Allen set, and torx)
• Inner tube
• Micro pump or CO2 cartridges
• Cell Phone
A larger tool kit can include the items listed above as well as:
• First aid kit
• Windbreaker/rain jacket or extra layers
• Food
• Extra tubes
• Patch kit
• Any frequently used tools not on your multi-tool (ie. small Allen wrenches)
• Sunscreen


It can be dangerous when things on your bike become loose. Having a multi-tool to be able to tighten up your seat, handle bars and suspension bolts can be the difference in keeping your ride going or ending it on a sore note.

We hope you enjoy our weekly mountain bike tips. Please remember that they can help but will not eliminate risks, as mountain biking is a dynamic sport. These tips are meant to help you build skills and progress for a more enjoyable mountain biking experience.

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