Deer Valley Resort Announces $7.6 Million in Capital Improvements for the 2019/2020 Winter Season

Deer Valley Resort is announcing $7.6 million in capital improvements for the 2019/2020 winter season. These capital projects are part of an ambitious improvement plan by Alterra Mountain Company totaling more than half a billion dollars through the 2022/2023 season, focused on elevating the guest experience at all 14 destinations.

Deer Valley Resort’s $7.6 million in 2019/2020 capital improvements include:

  • Deer Valley will add RFID technology with new gantry gates and scanning for electronic ticketing around the resort over the summer and fall period in 2019. New ticketing media, with built-in chip technology, will enable the resort to use the best available technology to increase and upgrade the guest experience throughout the resort, including direct-to-lift access
  • New digital signage at the resort’s base lodges will enhance the guest experience by having real-time information available on ticketing availability and pricing, lift operations, grooming conditions, and other mountain and lodge related information 
  • Snowmaking system enhancements including purchasing additional low-energy guns, five new fan guns, upgrading control systems and replacing several thousand feet of snowmaking pipes
  • New guest transportation fleet improvements, including shuttle buses and Cadillac vehicles
  • Purchasing four new Prinoth snowcats to add to the snow grooming fleet
  • Replacing the ski rental and bike rental shop inventory with the newest Rossignol equipment
  • Facility and equipment upgrades to resort day lodges, facility, recycling center and IT

Alterra Mountain Company also announces its plans to invest $181 million in capital improvements across its 14 North American mountain destinations for the upcoming year. Marquee 2019/2020 projects aimed at enhancing the guest experience include new high-speed lifts at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows and Winter Park, direct to lift access at Deer Valley Resort, an expansive renovation of the Bobbie Burns lodge at CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures, and an upgrade of Steamboat’s gondola.

This year’s $181 million plan includes $32.3 million towards improved gondolas and lifts, a $27.1 million investment in innovation to offer customer-friendly technology, $8.3 million towards state-of-the-art snowmaking, $6.2 million dedicated to expanded dining experiences, $6.3 million in summer activity investments, and nearly $10 million in planning efforts to unlock future potential terrain and lift expansions, base area developments, new dining facilities, and four-season activity offerings.

“Alterra Mountain Company’s unique year-round mountain destinations offer skiers, riders and summer visitors of all ages from all over the world special, memorable experiences, and each aspect of our business plays a part in bringing the guest back year after year and inspiring a lifelong love of the mountains,” said Rusty Gregory, Chief Executive Officer, Alterra Mountain Company. “We are committed to investing in everything from lifts to snowmaking to creative dining experiences, and technology that weaves it all together for a seamless visit.”

Deer Valley’s Season Passes and Local’s Only® Passes, as well as, Alterra Mountain Company’s multi-destination pass product, the Ikon Pass, will go on sale on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 for the 2019/2020 winter season.

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18 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    If the IKON pass isn’t going away at Solitude then can Alterra at least bring down the price of the BCC pass for those who live up in BCC and only ski at Solitude and Brighton.

  2. Roxan says:

    Please keep Deer Valley snow boarder free !!!!!

  3. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Cindy, we have passed your comment to our friends at Solitude. We hope to see you on the slopes at Deer Valley soon. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

  4. Jim says:

    The environment at Deer Valley has changed meaningfully with the Ikon pass. Crowds are bigger, waits are longer at lifts, lodges, ticket windows, etc. I’m sure this is a primary discussion topic for management but seeing that the Ikon 19/20 passes are already out there I expect no change for 2019/20 unless there is an increased focus on limiting daily lift ticket sales. DV is a major carrot for sales of the Ikon pass, I hope Alterra is getting full revenue benefit from this and perhaps there can be some consideration to passing along a break to those buying the DV season pass.

    All in all it’s been an amazing season, thanks Mother nature!! (and all of the staff at DV!!!)

  5. Joe says:

    I also would like to know if DV will remain snowboard free….I certainly hope so!

  6. ed mccall says:

    Gantry Gates!!!!!!! Why? that is just going to create delays and bottlenecks at entry points. We do not needs GATES!

  7. No snowboarders at Deer Valley, please!!

  8. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Manny, Deer Valley will still be a ski-only resort!

  9. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Joe, good news- yes!!

  10. Madeline Stein says:

    Wonderful news that DV remains a skier only mountain next year (and forever I hope)

    Now Alterra needs to work on reducing crowding/wait times on lift lines. Snow Park needs a 6 pack chair to move skiers from base to mid-mountain more quickly and more uphill capacity at mid-mountain too.


  11. BRENDA Behnken says:

    How about addressing your parking issues at Deer Valley? Three days per week you endanger everyone in Deer Valley with your excessive street parking. Maybe you don’t realize how big a problem you are creating.

  12. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Madeline, Thanks for your feedback, we are happy to continue to offer a ski-only experience as well!
    We are definitely focused on keeping lift lines short and efficient and its a main reason why we limit the amount of skiers on the mountain each day. With 21 chairlifts and 4 conveyor lifts, our uphill skier capacity is 51,070 people per hour and our lift ticket cap is approximately 15% of that. Thank you for your suggestions and we will pass them on to the executive team for future consideration.

  13. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are working with the city on action plans to help improve the parking in the Snow Park area. We have also lost parking spots due to the fact we have received over 300″ of snow this season. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible experience for all of our guests and we appreciate your feedback. Please be assured that your feedback has been shared with our management team as we do take guest input to heart. And, we hope you will choose to remain a loyal and greatly valued Deer Valley guest now and in the future.

  14. Phil says:

    Where can I get my pair of first tracks season passes for the 2019/20 season — just like the set that Donny got on S4E1 of “Billions”? 🙂

    Seriously: did they have to get permission from you before using that line?

  15. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Phil,

    At this time First Tracks is a group program that is coordinated through our sales team. If you would like to get more information you can reach out at Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

  16. Andy says:

    Will you be selling the used rental bike fleet?

  17. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we won’t be selling any bikes this spring. We worked with SCOTT last fall to move the fleet.

  18. Estela says:

    I really think there should be consideration to allow snowboard in some capacity… whether it is certain days of the week or on certain slopes. As snowboarding continues to grow in popularity, particularly with the kids and teens, it would be great to keep the family together in Deer Valley at least on occasion.

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