Deer Valley A-Z | X-Files

The stillness of freshly fallen snow among the pine and aspen trees is emblematic to skiers, waiting to be sketched upon. The blank canvas lures skiers into the trees. Go left, go right—with each turn a new adventure begins as you ski through the forest.

There’s a scene in the acclaimed ski movie, Aspen Extreme, where Dexter and TJ are skiing together amidst pine trees. It’s not even a major scene; at best it’s a filler as they begin to fulfill their lives as ski instructors. However, the cinematography captures the beauty of tree skiing. The sound of their skis and bodies dancing around the trees as they move downhill creates a feeling of secrecy, as if they found a hidden stash.

While most glades are well-marked at Deer Valley Resort, the X-Files still seem to be one of the best-kept secrets that lie just beyond the Daly Chutes. Perfectly spaced aspens and evergreen trees await skiers with a sense of adventure who seek out fresh snow days after the last storm. Turning through the forest while bobbing through fresh snow is an art form, and can take decades to master. So grab a friend and visit the X-Files. You’ll be glad you embarked on the secret assignment.

Deer Valley A-Z | X-Files from Deer Valley Resort on Vimeo.

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