Deer Valley A-Z | Rooster


Rescued from a local shelter in 2015, Rooster is a 2-year-old mixed breed avalanche search and rescue dog. During his short time at Deer Valley®, he’s become quite a celebrity and attracts a crowd whenever he’s near Silver Lake Lodge’s “beach” with his owner and trainer Mark Chytka, Deer Valley Ski Patrol supervisor.

Rooster’s training with Deer Valley Ski Patrol has earned the pup his Level A certification. While he may be all business in an avalanche search and rescue scenario, the joyful barks as he bounds in and out of the snow exhibit his true joy—playing in the snow.

Rooster is a dynamic little patrol pup. His demeanor and personality have resonated with the Ski Patrol staff. Chytka explains that he immediately fell in love with Rooster. During their quest for new avalanche search and rescue pups, they look at personality and prey drive, and also bang pots and pans together to see if they are afraid of noises, an indication that they won’t be timid in stressful situations.

During your visit, make sure to visit the avalanche search and rescue dogs, and their newest member, Rooster.

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