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Freshly baked goods taste better in the winter. Perhaps it’s the warming smells that emanate from the oven, causing our taste buds to salivate. Or maybe it’s the intrinsic nature of skiing, a sport that originated from the old country of Europe where any stroll through an alpine town involved walking past a Pasticceria (pastry shop) or Boulangerie (bread shop). And while there may be nothing better than grabbing a cappuccino and croissant in your ski boots as you walk to a lift in the Alps, at Deer Valley Resort, the pastry and bread chefs supply similar savory treats.

While the rest of the resort is still fast asleep and the mountain is quiet in its early morning stillness, the pastry chefs are bustling, wide-awake and elbow deep in dough. If you think dawn-patrollers get up early for their backcountry turns, speak to a baker. It’s not unusual to find them mixing flour and water by 4 a.m.

Upon waking, guests at Deer Valley® will find that the bakers have already churned out countless baguettes, muffins and cookies. They’re some of the best in Park City, so treat yourself before hitting the slopes or pick up something from the Snow Park Bakery, at the Deer Valley Grocery~Café.

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