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Consistently ranked number one among North American ski resorts, Deer Valley’s impeccable attention to grooming has placed them in a class of their own.

Each evening, as the lifts wind down at 4 p.m., members of the Mountain Operations team deploy a fleet of snow grooming machines. Working in multiple, overnight shifts, the crews comb the trails and slopes into perfect corduroy-groomed slopes. It’s a standard that Deer Valley® guests have come to expect.

And while there are plenty of non-groomed slopes to ski—six bowls and over 930 acres of glade skiing to be exact, the resort takes grooming very seriously.

With state-of-the-art equipment such as the Prinoth® BEASTS, which increase grooming productivity and efficiency, guests can be assured that their carving skis will arc along well manicured slopes after they sip their morning coffee. And each morning, they can stay up-to- date on where to find the freshest corduroy with Deer Valley’s Inside Edge grooming report.

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  1. sam costanzo says:

    Wow… More bad news…
    I’m so disappointed the Deer Valley season pass holders are completely left out of the Icon system. The DV season pass is by far the most expensive season pass in North America and the new “Company” can’t even offer a real mountain collective pass to compensate “Us” for the Icon crowds that we can expect next season. I’ve been a DV pass holder for years and now have to reconsider where to spend my hard earned $.
    How does the saying go… When you at the top the only place you can go is down.

  2. Deer Valley says:


    We have passed your comments on to both Deer Valley and Alterra Mountain Company’s Executive teams. Have a great day.

  3. suzelle smith says:

    If this blog is still active, please tell the management company that the advertising for the old Deer Valley (before the sale) is now false. The grooming is pathetic. Any honest person judging DV’s groomed runs now would give them a F. We own on Silver Strike run and in the past our ski in ski out was impeccable. As you post for 4 years ago, the snow cats started at 4:00 PM. and worked all night to perfectly groom dozens of great runs. Now, calling something “groomed” is a joke. Our “groomed” run to Silver Stike lift was so bad this morning, I turned around before I got to the lift, knowing if our run was that bad, the rest of the mountain would be worse. Whatever was number two in the US on grooming is surely No.1 unless it is owned by Alterra, which I guess is the name of the new company. This is truly heartbreaking mismanagement of a great property.

  4. Deer Valley says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We have passed your comments on to our team. Please know on December 28 we received 11″ of snow and groomed half of our 73 open trails that day. However, when 11″ of snow falls on a groomed trail it no longer will ski or look like a groomed ski run. Typically we are able to make a base of man-made snow on our more popular ski runs on Flagstaff and around the resort. This year with a warmer than usual November and early December we were not able to create a base for the natural snow to pack down on. (Think about stepping into a foot of fresh snow and how much it compacts) This created some challenges in grooming as we couldn’t get snowcats on the terrain on Flagstaff until the snow was packed down and it was safe to do so. As winter has returned and Mother Nature has started helping our mountain operations team you should notice a grooming experience you have become accustom to. Please let us know if we can help with anything else. We look forward to seeing you on the slopes.

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