Deer Valley A-Z | Blueberry Mojito

Après is almost synonymous with skiing. Perhaps it’s the notion of sliding down a mountain that parches one’s thirst, or maybe it’s the camaraderie that exists when spending time with like-minded folks. Either way, a cocktail, beer, or glass of wine seems imperative after a great day of skiing.

While the state’s liquor laws may seem to confuse some visitors, you can indeed enjoy full-strength beer, liquor and wine while visiting Utah and Deer Valley Resort. In fact, Deer Valley’s Park City location is synonymous with the counterculture vibe that helped instill the town’s heritage, one that boasted numerous bars and a raucous high altitude culture, back when you were hard-pressed to find a drink in Salt Lake City (which is no longer the case).

A local favorite at Deer Valley® is the Blueberry Mojito, which combines crushed blueberries, mint leaves, lemonade, rum, and a dash of sugar. Other signature cocktails such as the classic Moscow Mule with local High West Distillery’s 7000 Vodka, pairs well by the fire in its signature copper mug. Other delicious options include the Mandarita, made with fresh mandarin juice and the St. Germain, featuring elderflower liqueur, prosecco, and soda.

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