Counting Blessings in Park City

I wasn’t sure if I could handle the winter here when my husband suggested we move from Northern California to Park City. But living here for the past year has been even better than I could have imagined. Granted, the locals tell me we had a very mild winter last year, but we did it. This year I am ready for the snowfall with some help from a kind local (who I nicknamed my “winter consultant”). She took my husband and me under her wing and shared her snow secrets. We now have smart wool socks and sweaters, studded tires on our all wheel drive vehicles and “yak trex” (which are like snow tires for your boots to put on when it’s icy.) Thanks to my friend, I can say, “bring it on Mother Nature.” I count her as one of my many blessings in the past year.
What blessings will you count this Thanksgiving? Here is a list of some other things I am thankful for living in Park City:

Winter: It isn’t difficult to figure out why they call Utah snow, “the greatest snow on earth.” You can actually hear it crunch when you walk on it – harder for making snow balls because it is so dry and flaky. I am past the snow ball throwing stage so I don’t really mind. The snow is wonderful to ski on since the skis seem to grab the snow on the edges when I turn, giving me more control and agility. Not to mention, the snowflakes brush right off helping me to stay dry and warm so I can ski a few more runs instead of running to the lodge for relief from my damp gloves and jacket.

The beauty: What I have been told by the locals is that even in winter the sky here is always a beautiful bright blue. So they never get the winter blues even when it’s a long one. With the Wasatch Mountain range as a back drop, it takes your breath away. I try to drink in the beauty every single day.

The people: This is a town of very active people who, at a moment’s notice, are ready to invite you to join them in whatever activities they find out you may like. Whether they were locals or part time residents, this spring and summer, there was a constant flow of invitations from people of all ages to join a golf game, a hike, or a bike ride. I count my blessings for not losing too many golf balls at Park City Municipal Course and for all the places I explored with my new friends.

The activities: There is almost too much to do. We planned on doing some home improvements last year but who wants to stay home? There is the Sundance Film Festival, the FIS Freestyle World Cup Ski events, international ski jumping competitions at the Olympic Park, and of course, the chairlifts at Deer Valley to take me to a new mountain to explore. The events here seem to always be calling my name. In fact, they called so many times that my home never got updated bathroom fixtures or touch up paint on the doors and moldings, but then again my life has been filled with adventure.

The shopping: Did I tell you that I live within walking distance of TJ Maxx? I know. Enough said. My favorite factory outlet stores include the Gap, Banana Republic, Lucky Brand Jeans, Polo, and Coach. Did I mention that those are also all just around the corner? And they just opened a Bare Minerals Outlet store! Park City has the most amazing boutiques on Main Street for that something special and although I haven’t yet been to the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, I am certainly grateful it’s there! I can’t wait to go at Christmas time to visit Macy’s, Michael Kors, TUMI, Nordstrom and Tiffany.

The food: Is it ok to be grateful for food? I guess so. I love to eat at Deer Valley~Grocery Café for breakfast and bring my laptop and just spend a couple hours writing there in the mornings. I was blown away by Fireside Dining experience at the Empire Canyon Lodge. My favorite restaurants on Main Street are Wahso – very classy take on Asian Cuisine and Flying Sumo is my first stop for sushi. We’ve taken many a guest to a combination of the High West Distillery and Butchers for whiskey tasting and dinner. There are many wonderful places to enjoy a delicious meal in Park City.

You: I have to say I am really blessed to have started last year as a blogger for the Deer Valley Resort Blog and I want to give a big shout out of thanks to you – the readers – for your warm response to my posts. You guys continue to read, comment, share on Facebook and Tweet posts from the blog. You’ve laughed with me (hopefully not at me) at my first attempts at skiing last year and all my rookie mistakes as I moved from a beginner to an intermediate level skier.
I definitely have many blessings to count this year and I hope you do, too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you on the runs at Deer Valley on opening day December 8th!

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  1. Lou Vigorita says:

    Thanks Nancy for your colorful depiction of your first year. We have visited PC and Deer Valley regularly for over 20 years and I always wonder what it would be like to live there full time. Your description of the locals matches what I have observed during the winter. Energetic, inviting, hospitable and I might add genuine. You mentioned learning to ski this year. Take heart in knowing that these baby steps are filled with fun and adventure that only grows with time as you develope. Some of my fondest memories are from the early days learning with my family and friends on the cold Vermont slopes. I look forward to your blog and future comments about life in the mountains.

  2. Nancy Anderson says:

    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement both for blogging and for skiing. Learning to ski is certainly exciting as well as challenging such as the counter-intuitive move where you actually have more control leaning face first down the mountain rather then leaning back. Baby steps, I know. Lessons and practice. So glad to hear that you remember those early days fondly!

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