Artist Spotlight with Jesse Phillips from St. Paul and the Broken Bones

The John Butler Trio + | St. Paul & the Broken Bones will be playing at Deer Valley’s Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater on Saturday, August 17.

Deer Valley Concert Series Line Up 2019

St. Paul & The Broken Bones formed in 2012, releasing their debut album Half the City  in 2014 and its follow up, 2016’s Sea of Noise, to much acclaim. Those strong efforts helped place them on the national scene, and the band worked hard to prove they were no mere retro-soul band. Janeway’s fearless showmanship, thoughtful lyrics, and dedication to his performance soon became the band’s calling card, and paired with the inventive and skillful direction of co-band leader Jesse Phillips, as well as a full eight-man roster comprised of some of the best young instrumentalists in the South, they soon became a must-see event. 

To get to know the band a little better we asked Jesse Phillips five questions about their music, hobbies and performing in the mountains of Utah.

Deer Valley: Is this your first time at Deer Valley or in Park City?

Jesse Phillips: “We’ve been to and through Salt Lake City many times, but as far as I know this is the first time for myself and all the folks in the band to Park City. “

Deer Valley: What is your favorite outdoor summer activity?

Jesse Phillips: “I’m a motorcycle enthusiast- so I enjoy riding obscure country or mountain highways whenever possible.”

Deer Valley: Have you skied before?

Jesse Phillips: “I grew up in British Columbia skiing and snowboarding at Fernie Mountain in BC and Whitefish Mountain Resort (Big Mountain at the time) in Montana. I’m living in Missoula, MT now, so there are ample opportunities to get out to the mountains during the season. My sister and brother-in-law are backcountry skiers in Idaho, and that’s on the edge of my ability level, but I am able to go out with them once in a while. I also enjoy Nordic cross-country with friends.”

Deer Valley: What’s been your best memory in the mountains?

Jesse Phillips: “I did a lot of horse packing and hiking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness as a kid, and have all kinds of great memories running around those mountains.  I also worked a fire lookout on the Flathead National Forest for two summers, which was a pretty great job – and it was super off the grid at the time.”

Deer Valley: How does nature inspire your music/art?

Jesse Phillips: “Our band doesn’t exactly make pastoral music – but I think getting out into the woods or mountains or even just a green space someplace can really help refresh the mind and the muse.  Often, on off days, a contingent of the band and crew will head out to a state or national park or wildlife refuge and just spend the day wandering.  A couple of the guys are really into fishing as well.  All great for decompression on tour.

Concert at Dark at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah.

Join us this summer for the Deer Valley Concert Series, presented by Deer Valley Resort in conjunction with The State Room Presents. This summer’s vibrant and exciting series will welcome new artists to the stage of the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater.

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