Advanced Beginner Skiers Can Enjoy a Black Diamond Experience at Deer Valley Resort

If you are an advanced beginner skier, you can have a similar experience to an expert at Deer Valley Resort. Imagine standing at the top of the mountain and taking in the view of the valley below. See yourself gliding down steep runs, floating through powder, navigating bumps with agility and precision. All of these experiences sound like they are reserved for the skier on a black diamond run; they aren’t.

At Deer Valley Resort, advanced beginners can rule the slopes too. By advanced beginner, I mean you’ve learned the “hockey stop” so you can stop quickly,  turn and avoid other people. Obstacles aren’t a problem for you any longer. You can ski all of the easier runs – the greens –  and are ready to tackle the intermediate runs – the blues.

The most challenging runs – black diamonds – aren’t even on your radar yet. You simply avoid them. Even so, you can still have an amazing ski experience that rivals any in the world.

Here are five ways:

Stand on the tallest peaks: At Deer Valley Resort, five out of six of their mountains have an easier, green run at the top. Advanced beginners can be on top of the world and enjoy some incredible views. Just avoid Empire Mountain and Empire Express chairlift, since there is no “easy way down,” only blue and black runs.

Little Baldy Peak has views of the Jordanelle Reservoir and the Uinta Mountain Range. The easier runs from the top of this peak are Deer Hollow and Gnat’s Eye.

Bald Eagle Mountain has views of the entire Park City valley. You can take Success ski run down and if you want, towards the end of the run, take the easier route, Rosebud.

Bald Mountain has views of the Heber Valley and Mount Timpanogos. Beginners can take Homeward Bound down the mountain and either stay on the run all the way or switch halfway to the popular Ontario run.

Flagstaff Mountain has views of the Wasatch Mountain Range and Guardsman Pass, which you can enjoy from the top as well as from inside Cushing’s Cabin when you take a hot chocolate break. There are three green runs here from which to choose. You can take Ontario, Bandana or Blue Bell (take the green section at the top and turn onto Lily at the bottom to avoid the intermediate sections).  

Lady Morgan has postcard views of Guardsman Pass and Park City. Take Pearl ski run down and pick up another green run called Webster, if you want to visit Lady Morgan again (and again).

Gorgeous vistas are for skiers of every level at Deer Valley®. Just use this interactive map and set it to only show the easier, green runs. Talk with a Mountain Host to plan your ski day based on current conditions.

Sink into deep powder: Even if you aren’t dropping into a deep and steep bowl, the Utah powder experience is available to you. When it’s snowing, of course the big flakes of Utah powder settle on every groomed run. As you ski along the sides of the runs, you can glide on the powdery snow that is accumulating.

And there are beginner runs where you’ll find even more powder. The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to glide through 6” of fresh snow in an unlikely place, Gnat’s Eye, which is an easy run off Little Baldy Peak. The run is cut into the mountain in such a way that protects it from the wind. A few others to look for are Ontario and Lucky Jack ski runs.

Navigate the bumps: If you want to practice your skills around the bumps, check out Little Bell ski run, off the top of Success. This run is a green and often has a few moguls to play on at the start of the run; it then smooths out halfway down.  

I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to ski an entire hill full of bumps. A few are fun. Be sure to talk to a Mountain Host about current conditions.

Glide through the trees: You can have a tree-skiing experience on a groomer by taking Lucky Jack off of Bandana on Flagstaff Mountain. This run, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful runs due to the combination of aspens and pines. Lucky Jack divides into three parts as you ski through the trees and there is a little adventure trail for kids, called Ruby’s Tail, off to one side.  

Slide down steeper slopes: If you want a little stretch of steepness, check out Blue Bell ski run. You can take the green section at the top and stay on the run until the end. It changes to a blue for a bit and you’ll notice the slope angle change.

This is a nice run for beginners who are ready to tackle a bit more slope because the run is very wide. You have plenty of room to make turns to control your speed. If you want to stick to mellower terrain, take Lily ski run at the bottom.

There is a learning curve when you take on skiing as a new sport, especially as an adult. Good news!  It’s worth all the time and effort you put in.  

At Deer Valley Resort, advanced beginner skiers are handsomely rewarded.  

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    Deer Valley

    ‘Nuff said

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    Great explanation of all the great runs for us green/blue skiers.

  3. Bob Garreton says:

    What fun “Little Baldy” provides. Thanks for the detail explanation you provided on all the great skiing Deer Valley offers.

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