Deer Valley Seafood Buffet

Dark like the night, her black brown eyes looked intently ahead as she drove. Focused is she on the task at hand, which as always is, arrive alive. The goal: experience one side or the other of life’s never ending allure of self-indulgence or self-control. Seafood Buffet, here we come.



It is early evening. She is as interesting as he is interested in her. The mood is set by the drive that pleasantly takes place in ski-everything land; so rich, full of an air of post-holiday unfussed activity. Peaceful is Deer Valleys’ accessibility just after the New Year.

Their deal tonight is to live a bit of Deer Valley culture. This couple did say, “Yes” to the many tastes of the SeafoodBuffet! A date night well planned.

As Violet serves orders at the EBS Lounge this couple relaxes in subtle comfort anticipating their RSVP appointment for the Seafood Buffet.

The staff checks in often: their friendly, “hello’s” echo reassurances that, “we will come get you when your time arrives.” It’s simple, unassuming chit-chat not meant for lingering. Great value and no pressure, one of Deer Valley’s many accolades.

I could go on about the menu, yet I recommend you go to and ascertain that information for yourself. Make a date night and impress whoever you know with fresh seafood coupled with an atmosphere that is well-staffed, attentive, and professional.


P S: I really dug the, Ahi tuna, lobster ravioli, and romaine Caesar Salad. Don’t forget to try the Opilio crab legs, excellent! Meat and potatoes are available so no quitters before you get the chance to experience fresh seafood.


David Olson

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