10 Reasons to Take Mountain Biking Lessons at Deer Valley

From leisure riders to adrenaline junkies, Deer Valley’s nearly 70 miles of trails offer options to experience and explore for all skill levels. Downhill mountain biking is just as fun as skiing, with the same scenic views, but with warmer temps.

Chairlift operations for lift-served riding run for seven hours a day (and 10 hours a day on Tuesdays). Mountain biking conditions are typically consistent throughout the day allowing for many windows to ride. Here are ten top reasons why all mountain bikers can benefit and should consider taking mountain bike lessons at Deer Valley.

  1. Bike Lessons Are for Everyone. From beginners who have never ridden a bike before to expert and professional mountain bikers—all types of riders of all abilities can benefit from receiving mountain bike lessons. Deer Valley’s mountain bike coaches are trained to work with all abilities and can work with whatever your goals are. Bike rentals are also available for riders needing a bike and/or protective gear.
  1. Learn Mountain-Biking-Specific Skills. In the biking world, there’s a common misperception that if one can ride a bike, one can ride any bike. However, riding a bike on a paved path or road is very different from riding on a single-track trail. Road biking also requires completely different skills and body positions—consider road biking and mountain biking two different sports.
  1. Accelerate the Learning Curve. While the timeline for riders to improve at mountain biking may vary, taking mountain biking lessons helps riders learn faster than trying to learn solo or from friends who aren’t professional teachers. Taking lessons can help avoid poor stance or techniques from becoming bad habits. Also, keep in mind a real-life possibility here—Deer Valley’s coaching team has had success in taking riders who have never ridden a bike before to riding (and jumping) on their most difficult terrain quickly with consistent coaching.
  1. Learn The Terrain. Deer Valley mountain biking coaches know the terrain really well. Many members of the coaching team are also ski instructors, so they spend a lot of time on the mountain. The trail maps can only tell you so much and don’t show obstacles, so it can be beneficial to have a guide that knows what’s around each corner, prep riders for what’s coming, and select appropriate terrain based on the rider’s skills.
  1. Invest In Your Experience. For riders that are committed to the sport of mountain biking, wanting or purchasing bikes with the latest and greatest technology is likely, along with the several-thousands-of-dollars price tag. Many people don’t think about investing in changing how you ride, rather than changing the bike itself. Changing your speed, technique, and riding terrain never previously imagined possible can all be possible in just one afternoon. Adult group bike clinics are just $85—a great way to improve your riding, no new bike required.
  1. Lessons To Match Any Schedule. Deer Valley offers mountain bike lessons every day through September 5, then Fridays – Sundays only through September 25. Group clinics for adults or children happen every afternoon, and private lessons are available every morning, afternoon, as well as Tuesday evenings.
  1. Practice Skills and Techniques. For new and experienced riders, it’s essential to learn and practice the basics of stance and body position, braking, and cornering. Deer Valley has a skills park specially designed to practice these fundamental techniques, and it’s often where the lessons start (tip: the skills park, located at Silver Lake, is also open to the public). The coaches specially select terrain from there based on the skill levels of the riders, taking rider goals into account, and what techniques they need help with the most.
  1. Small Group Clinic Sizes. In addition to private lessons for one-on-one attention, group clinics are kept small, with two to five riders to help maximize the instruction and attention each rider receives. With every lesson, Deer Valley’s mountain bike coaches always have the guest’s goals at the forefront of their minds. Is the rider there to work on cornering and switchbacks? Maybe they want to conquer Holy Roller? Or perhaps the goal is to have fun and explore the mountain while on vacation? There’s no wrong answer here, and in true Deer Valley fashion, the coaches will always do their best to offer exceptional customer service and accommodate every guest in the group.
  1. Learn Something New. With the rider’s eyes on the trail, it is helpful to have a set of eyes on the rider to see things they can’t see. For riders with a few years or so under the belt, it’s easy to pick up bad habits or stance that can lead to inefficiencies, limitations, or even safety issues that trained professionals can spot. Even professional athletes at the top of their game hire coaches—think Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. There’s always room for improvement and ample opportunity to learn something new!
  1. Improve Safety. Similar to skiing, mountain biking comes with risk. By learning proper technique and mountain biking skills, riders can dramatically improve their ability to stay safe on the trails while improving confidence.

For more information and to sign up for mountain biking lessons, click here.

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  1. Lisa Efinger says:

    I took the Beginner Mountain biking lesson having never mountain biked before. It was incredible! My instructor showed me exactly how to ride in a way that was safe and productive. It was an investment in myself. I had so much fun! I can’t wait to ride again, this time with confidence.

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