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“Can I have the recipe?”

That’s what my friend said when I dropped off a container of my “take home and make at home” Deer Valley Turkey Chili for her.  The package was enough for 10 people so I wrapped up some for my friend and left it on her doorstep for her family to enjoy.

“We can go one step further than that!  The mix is available at Deer Valley Grocery~Café,” I responded.

Many visitors to Deer Valley Resort look forward to the turkey chili just as much as they enjoy the skiing!  Being new to skiing, I didn’t really know about this tradition until I overheard several different groups of people on the chairlifts talking about how much they were looking forward to it!  Once I tried the turkey chili at Silver Lake Lodge, I knew why.

Since my husband had shoulder surgery, he wasn’t able to get up to the resort so I decided to surprise him with a special treat. I brought the chili to him. Though I am not a very good cook, (I readily admit defeat in this area), even I was able to make the world famous turkey chili with the help of the special take home spice pack kit!

Here’s how it went:

Beans were soaked overnight and rinsed.

A few ingredients were purchased at the store and chopped up in (relatively) even pieces.

Browned the turkey, boiled some chicken broth on the stove, added the spices and the ingredients, simmered for a half hour or so and served.  Even Nancy Anderson was able to do it!

You can pick up your Take Home Turkey Chili packages at  Deer Valley Grocery~Café.

After you try it, let us know if yours was as tasty as ours!

Buy Deer Valley Turkey Chili online at deervalley.com.




8 Responses

  1. Deb Ginder says:

    have family members with allergies to nuts, eggs and soy…..is this prepackaged spice packet safe for them to eat? Thanks

  2. Debbi says:

    How long does the mix last? I see no expiration date.

  3. Deer Valley says:

    Hey Debbi,

    The mix will not expire because all of the ingredients are dry goods. However, the spices will become more mild in time.

  4. Margie says:

    Where can I buy the packaged chili?

  5. I purchased this incredible mix over 15 years ago when I was skiing @ Deer Valley, and I still haven’t stopped thinking or talking about the delicious outcome of this chili.
    I am having my first party in our new town/home. My neighbor has a culinary business and I want to:
    a. Serve an incredible meal for many people.
    b. Impress a professional chef.
    Thank you for being available after all these years!!!

  6. Deer Valley says:

    Hi Margie,

    You can buy Deer Valley Turkey Chili mix online at http://signatures.deervalley.com/gourmet-market/signature-foods-of-deer-valley/turkey-chili-mix-486.html. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. Enjoy!

  7. Carol Cross says:

    I have made this Chili from the Deer Valley Mix for years. However, this year I put it in the crock pot to serve later and it got very thin. Do you have a tip how to thicken it up??
    PS–Everyone, even the kids, love this Chili!!
    Thank you,

  8. Deer Valley says:

    The chili is best made a day ahead and let sit overnight so it can naturally thicken. If it does not thicken to your liking you can use cornstarch or even arrowroot to bring it to the desired consistency. Let simmer for at least 10 minutes after you add it.

    Jodie Rogers

    Director of Food and Beverage at Deer Valley Resort

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