Deer Valley Resort’s Summit Meadows Adventures 2014-2015 Winter Season

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Deer Valley owned and operated Summit Meadows Adventures guided snowmobile tours take place on the Garff Ranch, located a short five-mile, 10-minute drive from Park City’s Main Street, on Brown’s Canyon Road (off Highway 248). Summit Meadows Adventures has access to 7,000 acres of pristine open lands on which to snowmobile. Beautiful scenic views of the Wasatch Mountains make this an adventure you won’t want to miss. Complimentary transportation from Park City is available. For more information or reservations please call 888-896-7669 or 435-645-7669. Guided tours use single or double capacity machines.

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One or two hour guided tours are available daily between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., conditions permitting. Private tours are also available with a two-hour minimum.

A one-hour guided tour costs $109 per person, with a passenger rate of $20. A two-hour guided tour costs $149 per person, with a passenger rate of $30. Private tours are $125 per person/per hour with a two hour and two-person minimum.

128 Snowmobiling_Deer Valley Resort

For more information, please visit

Snowmobiling Adventure

photo (1)550 cc snowmobiles (with speeds up to 60 mph)
7000 acres of groomed trails
My husband
Our 23 year old son
An experienced Deer Valley snowmobiling guide named Tabitha
And a sunny day

What could be a better combination for fun than that? I have to say the experience of snowmobiling with Deer Valley was the perfect recipe for a great time.

Rick AndersonIt was a pretty safe bet the guys would like it.   Like many men, they love anything involving motorized speed — motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, etc.  I am more of a human power fan myself — rowing, kayaking, or hiking so I didn’t realize how much fun I would have, too.  Once we were set up with our gear and our helmets strapped on tight, we jumped on our machines to listen to Tabitha give us the run-down of how to operate the sleds.

Tabitha and NancyWe headed down the trail to a wide open meadow that served as a track – we could go anywhere as long as we avoided the hazards and kept going left (aka NASCAR drivers.)  After a couple loops and getting a feel for the sleds, we opened them up a bit and took turns cutting through the middle and passing each other (while keeping a safe distance of 2-3 sled lengths in between, per our guide’s direction).

Nancy JoyThe panoramas were next as we headed to the top of the ridge to look over the Wasatch front.

We followed the fence line and headed through the Aspens covering a lot of territory on the ranch.

Anderson FamilyOn the way back, we hit the throttle and opened up the sleds through the wide meadow before parking them at the ranch.  Another adventure under our belts, I was reminded of the saying, “a family that plays together stays together” and an afternoon of snowmobiling was just the ticket for this family.