Game on!

After the excitement of Celebrity SkiFest was concluded, my family decided to extend the fun, and celebrate Opening Week.

One of the great benefits of getting out on the second weekend is that it’s quieter than it will be for weeks to come. Honestly, If you can come here on an “off” weekend (i.e., non-holiday) do it.1282013 099

On Sunday, we felt like we had the mountain to ourselves—the four of us were in ski school for the full day. Jeffrey and I had a private lesson with Letitia Lussier, the amazing instructor I met on my first Women’s Weekend, several years ago

Meanwhile, Seth spent the day in Reindeer Club, and Lance spent the day in Adventure Club. It was a treat to see Lance shredding Lost Boulder from our perch on Northside Express Chairlift—and the run was loosely –populated enough that we had the chance to spot him.

We bumped into friends, here and there, there was a Mahre Training Camp under way, so we said hello to Phil and Steve a couple of times on lift-lines. (I won’t name names, but one of those brothers may or may not have called me out for being too “matchy,” in my appearance—purple boots, purple-ish skis, white pants, jacket with a pattern that contained purple. I may or may not have retorted that I was owning it, so it was allowed.), and the overall atmosphere was both relaxed and festive, as staff and guests alike got our ski season on.

Bari Nan Kids done

One of the best benefits was something that had not occurred to me when I booked the boys into their group lessons: it wasn’t at all busy in ski school. Hence, Seth was the only child in his group. As his instructor noted, “This week is the ‘value week,’ in ski school,” because you have a higher likelihood of one on one coaching. Lance had only two other children in his group (both of whom were picked up 90 minutes early), leaving him with, essentially, a ninety-minute private lesson at the end of the day.

Finally, the restaurants were not crowded in the least.

So, don’t tell your kids’ principal I told you to do this, but if you can sneak them out of school for a day or two and grab a long weekend at Deer Valley when everyone else is not on vacation, I highly recommend it.



How Heidi Prepares for the Season

The time is approaching when we all start to anticipate this coming winter. The question being, “is it going to be a big winter?!” I guess time will tell, but anytime on skis is always a good thing.

At this point I’m assessing what equipment I might need to replace and bringing in the new stuff.  I may not be able to predict the snow, but the one thing I can guarantee is my new outfits for this season. I’ll still be skiing in Marker outerwear (my 16th year). This year’s line is really fun and next year’s (yes-I’ve already seen it) is even brighter! I haven’t even worn any of this year’s yet!  My mom loved polka dots so whenever I can, I sport the print, too.

I guess you can call this my purple outfit. I haven’t worn purple before, but this outfit just shouts out CARVING! The coat is tighter fitting and the pants are fun and might even whistle as you ski fast; I’ll probably wear this outfit as I rip up the groomers.

The Blizzard 8.0 ski is made exactly for this type of skiing. It’s a men’s ski because the women’s Agivilate 8.0 doesn’t come in a length long enough for my liking. No, this isn’t because I think I can ski with the men it’s because I skied GS on 205cm back in the day, so I prefer something longer than 165cm. Of course, all my skis will have Marker bindings. I haven’t gotten to mounting my skis or truth be told someone hasn’t mounted my skis yet!

All of my outfits will be with hats and this snowflake hat is made by our very own Mountain Host, Jennie Lewis. They are comfortable and cute!

This might be my favorite outfit. It could be called the “preppy outfit” of skiing. You can tell I don’t mind color or drawing attention to myself!

Last year, as I was walking out of the Lodge, someone said to me, “I hope you know how to ski with that outfit!” For comparison, I merely had polka dot pants on and my Tecnica orange Inferno boots. I can’t wait for this year’s reaction!

The Blizzard Black Pearl ski pictured is, I think, one of the most beautiful skis. I’ll probably be skiing on this these most days because; I love to look at it, but mostly because of the performance. It’s amazing!

The matching headband wasn’t planned, but I’m always one to sport a headband. Watch, they will be back in style soon and it was my signature look when I competed!

Lots of fun again with these colors… I would have never thought of putting lime green and blue together. But it works! Orange and pink together is hot, too. I’ll probably wear this outfit when I’m out skiing with the kids.  The fake fur (green no less) will bring me back to my childhood. This might fare well for a low light and powder day so I don’t get lost! The vest and fleece will be my layering pieces if it’s cold or just worn arriving to the hill and after for après ski. Jennie Lewis’ snowflake hat brings the outfit together along with my Smith goggles with a little bling on the band.

This image speaks for itself. FAST. These boards will be brought out for Saturday’s pacesetting at Nastar, the town race series, Celebrity Skifest opening weekend and for Nastar Finals. I don’t have an outfit displayed because I put together the most areo-dynamite pant and top without having to go to the speed suit. I’m too old to stuff myself into a speed suit and it’s uncomfortable! You’d have to pay me to get into a speed suit. Matter of fact, I like to ski with my coat and pants while on this setup (Marker bindings again) because it slows me down! ha

Again all about fun! I have the polka dots on my hat and the coat buttons. This coat can also be worn with my pink polka dot pants seen in the second photo. Most of my coats & pants can be switched around to maximize the number of different outfits. The green fleece can be used as a layer piece although it might be too warm under the “puffy,” but best used to be comfortable at après ski.

Now for the ski-the Dakota! This ski is really fun and you can ski it hard at the same time. Whether your skiing groomers or 3’ of fresh powder, this is the ski!

So if you recognize any of these outfits on the Deer Valley slopes make sure and come and say “Hi”.

Until December 8 hope for cold temps and lots of snow! See you on the slopes.