Thanksgiving Means Skiing

Well its official, I have had my first day of skiing for the 2011-2012 season today, Nov. 19. I can’t tell you where it was… Ok I guess I can, our friendly neighbors next door PCMR.  The conditions were perfect for early skiing so I know when we open the skiing will be great! However, I had a panic attack while on the chair. It registered with me that when PCMR opens it’s usually around Thanksgiving. I realized its only five days away, a week out from our opening which means Celebrity Ski classic and trying to beat the boys.

Excitement and anxiety came across me all at the same time. I’m excited to get the season rolling again but a bit scared because when it starts rolling it’s the end of the season before I know it. Am I organized enough at this point?

Hmmm time will tell.

So as I thought about Thanksgiving and trying to get organized what are my plans? This year we are celebrating with our good friends and children the Lacobelli’s. If you don’t know them take a look at They are the poster family all over the site.

Their name, Lacobelli, should be a giveaway as to how our Thanksgiving will be mapped out. It should be a blast. I’ve been told to be prepared for an Italian Thanksgiving.

“There’s Italian and then there are those who want to be Italian!” I guess I qualify as “I want to be Italian for a day”. So I guess weight loss isn’t an option before I try and fit into my ski pants DV opening day Dec. 3.

So following my Italian Thanksgiving experience I can turn my thoughts to opening day.

I anticipate opening day will be much of the same as I take part in the Celebrity Ski Fest. Phil, Steve, Tommy and I will be trash talking each other trying to psyche each other out and trying to be the one with the fastest time. I need to make sure my starts are strong. There is nothing like coming out of the gates of competition opening day. The weekend as a whole is so much fun. The skiing, competition, teammates, friends, and the evening receptions equal a great time and celebration to the beginning of 2011/12 season.

I’m grateful for this time of season. The energy in the air for the upcoming season and holidays can be cut with an edge! That is a sharp ski edge! See you on the slopes.



My Celebrity Skifest Recap


You already know so many of my favorite edible indulgences. Here’s what some of the competitors at the Celebrity Ski Challenge had to say:

What is your favorite Deer Valley treat?

The turkey chili…that’s an easy question – Joey Pantoliano 

We had some pizza here that was pretty fantastic. And I love the cookies here–I had some dipped in chocolate fondue. I mean, I’m working out, right?–Cheryl Hines

Oh, it’s the bacon at silver lake lodge. There is little out there that is worse for us to eat, but the bacon has like a honey pepper flavor and they cook it to perfection so it’s irresistible — it’s ridiculous. –Ian Ziering


Petite moms, take note. There are great deals to be had on gear for us in the kids department. I learned this the easy way, scoring a sweet deal from the clearance rack on last year’s junior gear at our local children’s gear outfitter (it’s called Kindersport and they have a retail location at Snow Park Lodge), just last week.

I felt superstylin” in my new chocolate brown jacket and chocolate brown pants with a black, white and green glen plaid. I also felt empowered to use words like superstylin’. For reals.

So imagine my delight when I bumped into an adorable nine year-old girl, whose mother glanced at my outfit, pointed across the way and said, Great minds think alike. Yup, we were sporting the same ski pants! I was at the spectator area in front of the VIP tent at the celebrity ski challenge, bumping into someone from college, hanging out steps away from ski legend Stein Ericksen, and taking Olympic gears Phil and Steve Mahre by surprised when I addressed them by the title they hold In our house: Mary Ellen’s Uncles (Mary Ellen was our baby-sitter for years, and is practically a member of our family. Which means, of course, that we are practically related to her uncles, right?)

Anyway, Adorable Pants Twin turned out to be Tu, daughter of actor and Celebrity Ski Challenge competitor Rob Morrow. Naturally, we got a photo together, ensuring that my already overinflated sense of my own youth would be, well, immortalized.

As it turned out, Tu and I had lots more in common than our BRILLIANT fashion sense. We share a love for the hot cocoa at Deer Valley, and for skiing with our dads in order  to show them up. “I love to ski at Deer Valley with my dad,” Tu said. “He usually starts out ahead of me, and then I catch up to him, pass him and call him a slowpoke!”

When I was Tu’s age, I once skied down to where my dad had just set up a Yard Sale, and upon ascertaining he was ok, ditched him in order to beat him to the bottom. He’ll be here in a few weeks to initiate what I’m sure will be a healthy dose of payback.

What an Opening Weekend!

I can’t remember an opening as great as this one! The weather was perfect, the Celebrity SkiFest was a blast and the skiing was typical Deer Valley style. I took part in the Deer Valley Celebrity SkiFest and got to visit with my ex teammate AJ Kitt (who commentated) and ski against childhood idols Phil and Steve Mahre and ex teammate Tommy Moe. We all had a good time skiing with the guests and showing them some tips for racing. Although the courses weren’t very difficult, they were challenging enough to demand some good skiing and make us be on our game. One of the highlights of the weekend besides beating the boys on the race course was the concert by KT Tunstall at Saturday night’s dinner benefiting the Waterkeeper Alliance. Take a look at — it’s a great cause and registers close to me since one of their first water cleanups was the river behind my house in Pittsfield, MA.

2010 Deer Valley Celebrity SkiFest

As I mentioned in my last blog, the first couple days of skiing always seem to find muscles that haven’t been used all summer. I’m sore and tired! I am looking forward to the rest of the season after this great start. Come ski the conditions are wonderful.

Heidi’s Ski Season Countdown

There are only 16 days left until we open…but who’s counting! We kick off the season on December 4 and will be hosting the Celebrity SkiFest on Birdseye ski run.  I will be one of the Pros competing in the race. The event will air on December 5 on CBS at 5pm EST. There is nothing like racing right out the gate cold turkey. Hopefully my 26 years of racing gates will be automatic. It’s only Tommy Moe, Phil Mahre and Steve Mahre who are racing anyway! Hmmmmm, not bad company.

Am I ready for another winter?? Of course I’m ready to ski and am hoping for lots of powder.

How have I gotten ready for the ski season? Nothing like how I did when I was competing for the US Ski Team because that only added lbs. to my frame. I think everyone has their own way to get in shape. There is no right or wrong as long as you exercise. I have enjoyed my road bike, hiking and started back into running! There is nothing better than just getting back on skis and working those muscles that don’t fire during the summer months. Oh the soreness after the first couple of days. Skiing is the best way to get in shape for skiing!

See you on the slopes