Ski Season Two: Hardcore Opening Weekend

On opening Saturday, I asked a friend of mine if he was coming back on Sunday too, and he answered, “You are going tomorrow? You are hardcore. ”

Hardcore?  In my mind, hardcore means tearing down the mountain at break neck speed and taking Bode Miller style Giant Slalom turns.  That’s hard core, not me skiing on groomers opening weekend at Deer Valley.

But you know … Just maybe… I might actually…be.

Opening day was amazing as the ski gods were with us when sky decided to dump buckets of snow on the mountains. So taking JF Lanvers advice, I decided to start slow by doing a few easy runs to get my ski legs back and remember what I learned from my lessons last year. My husband met me for lunch at Silver Lake Lodge and we enjoyed the Celebrity Skifest from the warmth and comfort of the lodge while eating pizza and a heaping bowls of steaming pasta.  This seemed like the perfect opening day to me.

Sunday morning after Mass, I quickly ate breakfast and changed into my ski pants (though I did see several people who were obviously going directly to the slopes the moment the service let out – their ski attire gave them away.) The storm seemed heavier on Sunday and by the time I got there, the lines were short. I was able to get right on the lifts every time — no waiting at all.

Since I lacked a face mask, my chin and cheeks were getting pretty cold though the rest of me was warm.  On the lift, I could pull my scarf and jacket up like a mummy to keep my face warm.   But on the runs, the snow stung me hard as I skied down the hill. I could care less and was loving being out there.

Deciding whether or not to take that extra run, I stopped and took stock of myself. My fur lined hood was covered in snow, my bangs were mangled and tendrils of hair were frozen to my scarf.  My face was burning from the fresh snow and wind on the lift, and so were my quads from those first runs.  I wondered for a minute if I was crazy.  Only the crazy people are out now.  This was not a day for fair weather skiers.

Then I thought, you know…I just might be…. hardcore!  No helicopters were involved, no back country or avalanche precautions were necessary, but for me… getting out there, pushing myself on the groomers, staying out even when the snow was dumping down and stinging my face and when most folks were in the comfort of the lodge (or home by the fire,) there I was taking one more run.

Some people might think my experience was relatively mild but for me …my second season opening weekend, I guess I would have to say it was hardcore.

What about you? What makes you a hardcore skier?

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