Nancy Anderson

Even though Nancy Anderson lived most of her life about an hour’s drive from Lake Tahoe in Northern California, she didn’t ski often and never made it past “beginner” (but always wanted to). After turning 50 last year, Nancy decided it was now or never. Ironically, she and her husband have owned a condo in Park City since 2004 and vacationed here every summer, but they always rented it in the winter. As a financial planner, Nancy’s first impulse was always “rent it!” With their youngest finishing college, Nancy and her husband looked at each other and said, “Let’s move to Park City” and off they went.

Moving was a viable option since Nancy is a Certified Financial Planner ™ Professional who works in the growing field of workplace financial education and has the luxury of being able to work from anywhere near a major airport. She can be seen in the early morning hours headed to the Salt Lake City airport to commute to Los Angeles a couple days a week. The other days, she works from her home office working on special projects and writing on personal finance including contributing to a regular column on Her work has been syndicated on Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal Blog, MSN Money, and the Huffington Post.

Nancy is excited about learning to ski and eventually being able to ski the whole mountain. Is there powder in her future? She hopes so. She and her husband love exploring Park City especially the outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking, and throwing the ball (over and over again) to Ginger, their yellow Lab.

3 thoughts on “Nancy Anderson

  1. Inspiring story, new challenges are adventures available any time in life.
    Nancy displays how we r at Choice of how we “Do Life”
    Thanks for sharing. Be happy, Choose Contentment. Dianne

  2. I am envious that Nancy has the spunk to explore her desires and sets no boulders for herself. I wish I could do that.

  3. We are, once again, coming to Deer Valley. We will arrive evening of 2/20, leaving morning of 2/25. Hopefully we will be skiing at least 3 of the 4 days. Ron just got new skis that he is anxious to try out. We skiied Mammoth Mountain in California
    for a week in January, but we are anxious to come back to Deer Valley. Hope to see you at some point, maybe ski, lunch, dinner??????

    Hope all is well and we are looking forward to some beautiful days,

    El DeSimoni

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